Zakuro's Daughter


"Both. Her hair is sort of blueish-purple, but her attitude is more like yours, honest and truthful. So I guess she's me with your attitude."
"And she is  our only child?"
"Yeah. She didn't have anybody to depend on. Only you until the age of six."
"What happened to you?"
"I died after the birth, and you got killed six years later."
This was shocking for Kay, and both unbelievable.
"And she came back all by herself to...?"
"Save us and the Mews too."
"All by herself?"
"I'll help her, for any reason."
"Then I will too."
"But, first we have to find her, come on." - Zakuro got up.
"Where do we start? oh and Zak... you are uhhh..." - Kay got up and walked to her, Zakuro looked at herself. She completely forgot that she was a Mew.
"F**k! Oh sorry!" - Zakuro changed back then continued - "Come on... we have to find her."
"But where to start, besides you need rest, I mean what if something happened to you?"
"Kay, I have been in bigger trouble before. And Yuki is in one right now, What if something happened to her? She doesn't exist in the future Because she came back to this time period."
"So, if she... won't be able to return ... then she wouldn’t exist at all?"
"Think about it, yes."
Kay stood up, walked to her and hugged  her then said:
"I'm not saying that I wouldn’t help you find her, just that you should get rest before you set off. Do it for her and me."
"I can't." - Zakuro stepped back to face him. - "I care more about her than me." - She walked out the door, Kay thought for a second, but after realizing he can't change her mind, went after her and they went together.
At around midnight, Zakuro managed to find Yuki's whip which she had lost in the battle. This is when she realized that if she was unarmed it could mean she was ... dead ... no. They could of killed her out here, they held her down, and all they had to do is stab her in the heart. They needed her for something, but what? to tell them the weak point of the Mew's? She didn't know that ... Zakuro kept walking, alone, since they split with Kay to increase their chance of finding Yuki. They searched for Yuki for about 3 AM, where boh of them got too tired for even focusing on their path of travel. They met again at the park, where the battle took place.
"OK, I know you care about her, but we can't go on like this, get some rest and I'll see you in the morning."
"Alright... I guess. Hey... haha." - Zakuro said as he got lifted up by Kay in a 'carry the bride way'. He carried her like that to her place and when they got there, he noticed that she fell asleep. When they arrived at the door, Kay placed her down leaning agenize the wall, opened the door they picked her up and carried her inside and placed her down on the bed. It was a tough day for both of them.
The next morning Kay and Zakuro woke up side by side the next morning (no! nothing happened between them!).
"Hey there." - Zakuro said  when Kay woke up.
"Hey. What the? Oh ... " - Kay said as he sat up.
"Yeah you fell asleep next to me. Haha, that's cute."
"Well I only planed to take a rest for a few minutes."
"Oh it's OK, we'll end up spending most of our lives together anyway. Gives you time to get used to me."
"I'm already used to you."
Zakuro laughed and kissed him, they both took a shower, one by one and ate. They set out to search for Yuki, but after about 5 hours they realized that she wasn't in Tokyo, at least not on the ground. They went back to the café.
"Look I know you are worried about her, and I am too. And we will find her, I promise you that." - Kay said on the way there.
"Promise her that, not me." - Zakuro said. They split at the café Zakuro went inside to change to her working clothing and Kay went back to work. Yuki wasn't forgotten, but she was nowhere to be found, except for one place ...
"See Yuki they gave up on you." - Pai said to Yuki (blah), they were standing side by side both looking at a screen showing Zakuro and Kay. - "They don't even care about you anymore."
"I see. But now what?"- Yuki said lowering her head (looking down, ahead).
"Terminate her."
"What? She's my mother, I know she doesn't love me, btu she's still my mother."
"A non-loving mother is just as good as no mother. Believe me."
"Still, I ... I don't think it's right..."
"Yuki, you have to do what is right, not wait you feel is right."
"Alright. When?"
Zakuro worked her a** off all day, surprisingly she wasn't as ice cold to the customers as she used to. At around 9 P.M. th café closed, but the girls stayed a little longer, already changed to their normal clots. And were now in a middle of a conversation.
"For the last time, I didn't mean to set it on fire! I just tried to cook it faster!" - Lettuce said who set a cookie on fire earlier that day.
"Well don't have top burn down the place!" - Pudding yelled back, even thought it wasn't true.
"What's wrong Zak? You hadn't said a word all day. It's Yuki isn't it?" - Mint asked (Sunrise Sunrise)
"Yeah. I don't understand why she was taken away alive." - Zakuro said with her head down eyes closed.
"Cheer up she is alive."
"Prove it. I do believe that too, but being sure of that is what's important."
"You worry too much."
"She is my daughter Mint! I care more about her than myself."
"You don't mean that, do you?"
"I'll let you figure it out." - Zakuro got up and walked out of the café. She went back to her place.
"Well done smartass." - Lettuce said.
"What did I do?" - Mint asked.
"You broke her heart. Look she needs to be a loving mother for Yuki. you heard what happened. She had no one to love."
"Yeah. She wants her daughter to be perfect..."
"No! Look Mint, please don't start f**king around again. You love her, do it for her."
The girls packed up and left the café, it was nearly 10 P.M. and it was almost pitch black. Zakuro was walking along with her head slightly down, she was lost in her mind again, then she decided to take a shortcut that went through a smaller playground with only two swings and a lot of trees, when she entered the playground she saw Pai emerge from the dark. Imediatelly she stopped and threw and angry look at him.
"Where is Yuki?" - Zakuro asked in 'I'll kick your a** manner'
"Oh, she is fine." - Pai answered in a relaxing manner.
"Where is she?" - this is when Yuki emerged form the darkness next of Pai she looking mad at her mother, Zakuro was puzzled. - "Are you OK?"
"Fine. I guess." - Yuki responded in a cold manner.
"What's wrong?"
"Tell her Yuki." - Pai insisted her. Then she finally continued.
"You never loved me, have you?"
Zakuro was shocked, so that's wait they were planing. to change my daughter's mind and turn her against me. This was as bad as it gets when she is alive, but it's better.
"I did and I still do..."
"Oh that's wait you always told me, but after bringing me to life you left me! Why?"
"You said..."
"Yeah I said you died, but the more logical explanation would be you committing suicide."
"No way ... oh you son of a ... you changed her didn't you?! You'll pay for this!"
"See  now she is blaming me, Because I opened your eyes on truth." - Pai said.
"How could you do this to me you own daughter?!" - Yuki yelled back.
Zakuro closed here eyes to think for a second, then she took a deep breath then she opened her eyes and said.
"Yuki I love you, more than myself. And I don't know what happened in the future, but I would never leave you like that. That’s all."
"Fight her." - Pai ordered Yuki who gasped.
"No. I ... can't." - she said confused.
"Remember what I said... a non-loving mother is just as good as no mother. Go for it. unless you are chicken."
Yuki kicked off the ground and ran toward her mother punching her in the face and knocking her back. Zakuro tried to get up, but kicked off a wall and knocked her over from behind. Then she stood in from of her. Zakuro got on her knee and straightened herself out, her face was at the same level as Yuki's. She didn't look angry, just depressed.
"Fight me! Fight back!" - Yuki said as she pushed her mother. Zakuro however remained calm.
"No. I won't fight my daughter, no matter what the cost is.
"Fight me!" - Yuki punched her in the chest.
"Why? WHY?" - no matter wait you do you will still be my daughter, and I won't fight my daughter."
This is when the rest of the girls came up running from behind and stopped just behind Zak. Yuki looked up then back to her mother. She gave another try to p**s her off, by punching her in the face. Zakuro started bleeding from her nose and from the side of her lips, where Yuki hit her.
"Fight me! FIGHT ME!" - she yelled.
"Stop!" - Mint tried to grab Yuki and pull her away, but Zakuro blocked her and said:
"There is no need for that."
That was as much Yuki could take, she dropped on her knees and started crying. She leaned her head agenize her mothers chest.
"I can't fight you like this. I just can't." - she said. Zakuro put her arms around her and said:
"Because you love, the way I do."
Yuki broke free of her hold and stood up, with tears still in her eyes, she yelled back:
"You never loved me, why should I love you? Huh?"
Zakuro was shocked, when she saw her disappear with Pai. There were only the five girls left in the park. Zakuro stood up, wiping the blood off her face.
"What the f**k was that all about?" - Ichigo asked.
"She hit you and you didn't even hit back/ You have to defend yourself ... hey where are you going?" - Mint said as Zakuro continued her way home leaving the girls in the darkness. That nigh Zakuro couldn’t sleep, she was laying on her back all night staring at the ceiling. At about 8:00 AM. Her cell phone rang, she got up to turn it off, but then she remembered that it might be Kay. She accepted the call.
"Hello?" - Zak said tried.
"Hey, it's me, Kay. Uh, last night I saw Yuki walk across a playground near the thrift store, she was with someone. I tried to catch up to her, but she just disappeared."
"Yeah, she met with me there, she was Alright, but she switched sides. She is with the aliens now."
"No way."
"Yeah, she attacked me, but I didn't fought back. Just couldn’t. Oh god! I can't ... believe ... she actually believes that I hate her."
"What? How could they make her believe such a dirty lie?"
"I don't know, I don't care eighter."
"Ok Zak, calm down now. I know this is pretty f**ked up, but at least, we now that she is Alright. I'm coming over, hold on, see you in a few minutes."
Zakuro hang up. She lay back on her bed. This could not be happening, but that what I want to believe. But whatever happens, I'll still love her as my daughter. But knowing that they used her to destroy me is the most terrible thing ever. If she would give me just a minute to explain what is really happening, things would be better by now.
The doorbell rang, She got the door open for Kay.
"Hey. Don't be sorry for me. I really don't need that kind of stuff right now."
"Alright. Did you talk to her?"
"I tried, but she wouldn't listen, for a word I said. She is completely changed."
"But at least she is Alright and we know who has her."
"So we know who has wait the f**k will we do about it? Huh? I don't a damn clue about where they are located, we are screwed. F**k!"
"Calm down, now. If you get stressed, that wouldn’t help eighter."
He hugged his depressed future wife to himself. Zakuro really didn't want him to be here, for the first time in 3 years. The days from then on were much harder for both of them, they seamed to be longer and more painful for both them, they seemed to take the 'beating' of the time fine. The girls finally managed to corner Zakuro and make her explain what happened in the park. At the end Mint seemed to be prepared to make a comment, But Zak disturbed her.
Later "Go ahead make a comment, what do I care?" - then she turned around and got back to work, she didn't say a word all day, and didn't even looked at them, she really wanted the chicks to leave her alone. At the end of the day she took off without saying good-bye. That was one of the worst nights for her, even though she managed to get some sleep, she was woken by a dream at about 3 A.M. where Yuki stabbed her in the chest with a dagger and killed her immediately, worst of all Yuki also dropped dead, even thought she wasn't hurt.
She didn't know, but the worst was yet to come, only hours away now ...
The next day Zakuro was feeling a little better after she managed to go back to sleep, even after that f**king dream. She got up and went out for a walk. And Sunrise, Sunrise 10 minutes into it, another alien attack. Zakuro knew, this was her chance to talk to Yuki. She changed to a Mew. And ran toward Main street where she saw the attack. Yuki was nowhere to be found. But there were a lot of people running around. The creatures were back (jeez do they ever run out). And as usual the aliens were watching from above. Zakuro got knocked ever by Yuki from behind, then a creature ran at her from the front. In a flash of a second she managed to duck under it and cut it in half with her whip (ouch). Another one attache d from the side which got it's head removed by her. Then Zakuro turned to Yuki who was looking angry at her. Zakuro started.
"Yuki, listen, just please listen. I am not the one who is misleading you ... " - Yuki ran toward her and punched her in the stomach, Zakuro flew back and landed on her back, she was surprised the strength her own child was able to excerpt on her. She was actually gasping for air. Then she finally managed to get up, and look at her in a questionable way. This is when the other Mew's arrived  fighting on the other side of the street, they seemed to handle it easily.
"Yuki please listen, they are misleading you. Why do you thing I brought you to life? I love you."
"No you never loved me! I hate you!!"
"Please ..."
"I won't let you beat me!"
"No, I won't."
"Yes you will, that's why I joined them!"
"Get lost!"
"Knock it off!" - Zakuro slapped Yuki with the back of her hand, it was an accident. Yuki's head was turned violently to the left. Zakuro's eyes widened, she did not want to do this... something inside her made her act like this. She turned to Yuki with true sorrow. - "I'm sorry. I didn't want to do that, really..."
"No... I can really see it now ... you never loved me!"
"Oh no, please don't ... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean ..."
"Prove it, to her if you can." - Kish said.
"Go f**k yourself." - She said quietly so Yuki wouldn’t be able to hear it. - "Think about it, why did I go all that way. For you, only for you, no on else. I swear to my life, that's true."
This seemed to change Yuki inside out, her angry look changed back to normal, then surprised. She started backing off.
"You really ... really love me?" - she said quietly.
"Yes, more than you think I do."
"Then ..."
"Yuki!" - Pai yelled at her from above. - "Kill her! Quit wasting s**tty time!"
"I can't ... I don't know who to believe."
"Take this s**t and kill her, she won't fight you."
Zakuro dropped on her knees and threw her whip in front of Yuki's legs, she was unarmed. Then she spread her arms and closed her eyes, she was ready for what ever will happen.
"Kill her! for everyone's good!" - Kish yelled at her.
Yuki was walking slowly toward her mother, she was like a scared puppy. Her wolf ears were all the way back and hanging down and her tail was also pointing down. She was scared, it was easy to tell from her face. Yuki kept moving closer with the dagger in her hand, then she stopped, this was just too much for her. Zakuro didn't move a muscle. Yuki dropped the dagger, started crying then she ran away. Zakuro finally opened her eyes. The battle was over, it must of been easy, since Ichigo was the only one with a rather major injury in her right lower arm. Zakuro got up lowering her hands.
"S**t! Way to go smarta**! We just lost our biggest hope of Zakuro's termination!" - Kish yelled at Pai.
"What did I do?" - Pai yelled back.
"You pi**ed me off!" - Zakuro said as she kicked off the ground and punched him in the face. Then while in the air she kicked Kish between the legs, who then fell on the ground. They both were knocked out, Later
and a new battle began, this time with reenforcements.
Yuki was running along the back streets and went she re-entered the street, which was dead empty, besides the Mews, she bumped into Lettuce and they both fell on the ground. When she straightened out it was clear what will happen next.
"Yuki?" - Lettuce started.
"Yeah. That's me."
"What's wrong? Tell me. I can help."
"It's my mother, she doesn't love me."
Lettuce helped her up, Yuki was still wiping her tears off. Lettuce hugged her for a few seconds, it gave her hope, then she let go of her and looked her straight in the eye and said:
"I know you r mother, she was so worried about you when you were taken away. I seen her every second, she and Kay were suffering inside, because they didn't know what  happened to you."
"Oh anyone can do that."
"Why do you think she went through all that pain in the park at your kidnaping?"
"Jealous of my performance? I don't know."
"So you don't have to suffer, she suffered for you."
"Uhh ... for me?"
"And why did she went through all the pain to bring you to life in the future?"
"Giving birth is painful?"
"Uhh ... yeah, sort of. But my point is that she loves you more than you can imagine."
"Alright. Then answer me this: if she doesn’t love you then why did she gave you the gift of life?"
"Because ... because ... she loves me ... "
"It was completely her choice. She could have been married and not have kids, but she chose to have a child and take the risks with being a mother."
"I'm still confused ... "
"Just go and talk to her, please she has worried so much about you. Just give her another chance. If she did you should too."
Yuki nodded and ran back to her mother when she emerged from the sides of the building, she got knocked over, by Zakuro who was just been knocked back by the aliens (what a good timing). Zakuro got up, and realized that she had knocked her daughter over.
"Oh sorry, I didn't see you... " - Zakuro apologized and Yuki accepted it by nodding immediately.
"So Yuki, did you change your mind after all?" - Kish asked relieved.
"I did." - Yuki said as she and Zakuro stood up.
"Finally, then finish her up. Here." - Kish threw his other dagger to her, but she knocked it away as it got to her. Sunrise.
"I said I changed my mind ... about you."
"That can't be good. Fine! So long, b**ch ... but before that, I'll finish YOU." - Kish took out his other dagger and flew fast toward Yuki, But Zakuro stood in from of her and blocked the attack, by throwing him into a wall.
"Quit f**king around! You are too weak. Let's get our a**es out of here!" - Pai said and opened the portal. Kish finally got up, this is when Yuki wanted to attack him, but Zakuro held her to herself with her left arm. Yuki tried to break free.
"Let me go! I can do this!" - she screamed.
"Not yet, wait." - Zakuro tried to calm her. Kish was leaving and Yuki wasn't willing to take another chance to fight them, so to break free, she bit her mother's upper left arm. Zakuro let go of her immediately, due to the immense pain. She saw her young kick off the ground heading toward Kish who was at the portal. Zak tried to  catch her, by the tail, but it slipped out of her hands.
"Hey Kish!" - Yuki said as she took out her whip. Kish turned around, Just when she got there and stabbed his dagger through her heart, she dropped the whip. And this is when Zakuro noticed what happened, it was shocking.
"No. Yuki NO!" - Kish took out his dagger and kicked her so she came zooming to the ground, Zakuro managed to catch her. Kish diapered, and they were the only ones left on the street with all the rumble around them. Zakuro's eyes were filling with tears as she looked down on her dying child. - "Yuki ... why? Why you?"
"I messed up mother, sorry." - Yuki said weakly and rather quietly as she was holding her wound on the chest.
"No, no, no. Don't be sorry, it's perfectly OK, you did your best. "
"I can ... do better."
"I know, I know. Just don't talk ... please."
"I wouldn't make it anyway."
Zakuro couldn't say a word, this is when the rest of the Mew's arrived and saw Zakuro sitting on the ground and holding Yuki. She was half-sobbing now. Yuki continued.
"Cheer up mother."
"I can't."
Yuki moved her mouth close to Zakuro's ears and said the most terrifying thing that made this moment the most depressing.
"You never loved me anyway."
"I did, and still do ... Yuki? Yuki?" - Zakuro felt her child’s head lower back onto her arms, and when she looked at her again, she realized that Yuki was dead. Gone forever. Zakuro lowered her head on her shoulder and cried. The girls were also being affected by this, especially Mint, who has been a little rude to her lately, she knew there was an apology needed, even if it's too late.
"Zak, I'm ... I'm sorry for what I said. I'm an idiot sometimes, so sorry."
She didn't look up. This is when Ichigo heard people coming.
"We have to leave, I'm sorry to say but we do." - she said and kneeled down to Zakuro, who's crying seemed to weaken to sobbing, she was too hurt to even cry. Zakuro slightly looked up, she couldn’t say a word. - "We must go on."
Zakuro nodded, she had tears coming out of her eyes, she lifted up Yuki holding her by her upper back with her right hand and her legs with the other. The Mew's hurried away into the back streets. There they met up with Deep Blue.
"What do you want a**hole?! GET LOST!" - Mint yelled at him, Deep Blue pointed at Yuki.
"Her soul." - he said.
"Her Should belongs to the Lord now!" - Zakuro yelled back, it was easy to tell she was hurt form her voice.
"Let me give a try." - Deep Blue pointed his sword toward Yuki then suddenly and small glowing white light was with drawn from her chest, it was her soul. Zakuro placed Yuki down on her back next to the wall, she had to get her soul back. The Mew's got their weapons out. And rushed at Deep Blue, but they were all blasted back by him. He grabbed Yuki's soul and swallowed it. Zakuro ran at him and managed to knock him over so hard that not only he was knocked against a wall he also spit Yuki's soul out by the impact. Zakuro wanted to grab it, but he kicked her in the face.
"Eat this!" - Mint fired an arrow at him, it missed, by millimeters.
Lettuce however managed to blast him back a few meters, giving Zakuro another chance to grab her daughter soul, she finally managed, but as she tried to ran back to her child, Deep Blue got out his sword and flung it toward Zakuro where it cut her bicep muscle into half. She was not able to lift her right arm anymore, and top of that she dropped the soul. Deep Blue tried to grab it, and got cat loved by Ichigo who scratched him in the face, it dug all the way to the skull. He kicked her making her hit a tree's  base, almost knocking her out. Pudding knocked him out of under his feet. Even so Deep Blue managed to swallow the soul, but as he turned around to leave but Zakuro jumped on him, trying to strangle him. Deep Blue threw her down, and got shot in the arm by Mint, the Should came out of him again. Zakuro reached for it and got cut in the chest by his sword, she screamed. Then fell on the ground.
"Where is it?" - Deep Blue said when the soul was nowhere to be found. none of the girls saw it eighter, it just diapered. - "Oh well, it got destroyed probably. I'll se you b**ches around. The Mew's helped Zakuro up, she could barely stand due to her injuries.
"Where is Yuki?" - The Mew's looked to where Yuki was placed then around the place, she was nowhere to be found. Zakuro dropped ack on her knees. Leaned against a wall and sobbed. - "What did I ever do to deserve this? What?"
"We are so ... "
"Leave me alone, really I need to be alone, forever." - Zakuro got up and kept walking alone back to her place. The girls watched helplessly at her as she diapered in the distance.

The next morning Zakuro didn't get out of bed. She wanted to stay in her room, for the Lord knows how long. Her cell phone rang, she ignored it. It was the hardest thing for her to overcome, she did not want to commit suicide or anything stupid as that, thinking of that made her relies that she was supposed to be on an interview. F**k that. I'm not going, world can live without me. What I need is peace, badly.
Someone knocked on the door, she ignored it. Another knock then a familiar voice:
"Zakuro? Are there?"
"Zak. I tried to call you, but there was no answer."
"Sorry, I need to be alone for a while." - She said so quietly that only she was able to hear it. Then she added. - "Just as I have been for the last 17 years."
"Zak, open up. I know you are there. Please, you are hurt aren't you?"
Then another person approached Kay form the outside.
"What are you doing?" - the guy asked angrily.
"Uhh... my girlfriend is in there."
"I'm trying to sleep next door. Do you mind?"
"Then SHUT THE F**K UP! Or I will." - Zak heard a gun click. She ran to the door.
"Sorry sir... " - Kay said, but Zakuro opened the door and dragged him inside then locked it. Kay looked surprisingly at his girlfriend. - "What's wrong?"
"Yuki ... she's gone, dead."
"No way!"
"Yes, she died yesterday, in my arms. She got stabbed by Kish."
Kay hugged her close to himself, both were strongly emotionally and strongly affected, by the new's, they spent that day together. Revenge was on the way from her, time was the only border now.

That night around midnight, where Zak and Kay were sitting out on the balcony, trying to overcome their daughter's death. Kay suddenly had a hopeful idea.
"I she is dead, in this time period, it might not affect her in the future." - he said and Zakuro thought about it for a while.
"I don't get it."
"She doesn't exist yet, does she? No. So if she dies here, it's doesn't matter ... "
"What?" - Zakuro was shocked by the words.
"... look, she will re-born in the future! She will be born again! Think about it."
Zakuro relaxed a bit and sort of cheered up.
"Yeah ... she didn't even suffer then. Of course."
"See, she is Alright." - Kay held her close to himself.
"Wait no. Her soul got destroyed."
"Deep Blue removed her soul somehow and tried to take it with himself. We started to fight over it and it got destroyed somehow."
"Then she is gone?"
"God, yes, she is."
BANG! The blast also cam with a flash for downtown. Zakuro and Kay jumped up.
"Kish. I'll get you for this." - Zakuro transformed. Then turned to Kay. - "I have to go, you can come with me, but by something else."
She jumped out of the balcony and landed on the top of another building nearby, then she kept jumping on from one building top to another to go toward the explosion scene. Kay followed in his red Honda Civic Type R coupe. Zak was of course the first one to get there, she immediately saw Kish in the air by himself, enjoying the attack. Since he had his back to her, she immediately took her chance to knock him out. She did, after passing him she managed to kick of a wall and use that force to push him into a wall on the way down. Kish landed head first in a container. Zak jumped after him, but he kicked her and she fell on the ground. Kish jumped out of the container and onto Zakuro.
"You sone of a b**ch!" - she yelled and jumped up to throw him off.  Right then she got knocked over by one of the creatures that hit her so hard that is left a bad cut on her chest, it started bleeding. Badly. She jumped up and Hit Kish so hard that the flew toward the beast and knocked it over. Then she used her whip to cut the beast in half, and to grab Kish pull him toward herself and punch him hard on the face.
Kay finally arrived on the other side, with the tires screeching. Then he jumped out and started shooting at the beast with a 9mm pistol. The Mew's already had terminated about 2/3 of the total army of beasts. There was only about five left to terminate. And Kish, for Zakuro. he was losing agenize her. Zakuro was able to move as fast as her daughter was able to. Kish now even had trouble standing. Zakuro was standing in front of him angrily.
"You killed my daughter, you will pay the price." - Zakuro said.
"Oh come on, it was an accident." - Kish said nervously.
"Accident my a**!"
She ran toward him and punched him so hard that he fell down on the floor, her tried to get up, but Zakuro put her foot on across his neck, then with the other one she kicked him so hard from the side that she broke his yoke-bone into three pieces.
"Uhhh! You are so dead b**ch!" - Kish yelled.
"Shut up!"
Zakuro picked him up and threw him agenize t pai who was trying to attack her. they both fell back.
"Having trouble with the ladies?" - he said.
"That b**ch broke my ... Uhhh!" - kish replied as he tried to get up. Pai opened the portal and left, Kish also tried to leave, but just as he got to the portal Zakuro caught him by his whip and pulled him back to herself and kicked him in the stomach, he fell on the ground. That is when Zakuro kicked him on the face again, he was done for, but not dead, just lost his awareness. The Mew's were done, the fight was over and the Mew's ran to take a look at what Zakuro did to Kish. It was horrible, there was blood around him and some on Zak. Ichigo for the first time didn't know to be proud of Zakuro or sorry at Kish condition.
"Is he dead?" - she asked.
"No." - Zakuro replied.
"Should we finish this?" - Mint asked as she pointed her weapon (bow and arrow) toward him.
"No. Or ... I don't know." - Ichigo said. Lettuce and pudding agreed.
"Death doesn't cause pain, it takes it away." - Zakuro said.
"Yeah, leave him Mint, Maybe a good lesson will drive their a** back to where they came from." - Ichigo said, an that everyone agreed.
A beast appeared, through a portal grabbed Kish by his jacket using it's mouth. Then tried to drag him to the portal, but the jacket ripped and Kish fell back on the ground.
"'Amn t!" - the beast said, the Mew's just watched, they didn't know what to do.
then the beast grabbed him by it's front foot and kicked it him in the portal like a football then the creature also left. There was only the Mew's left. They changed back to their original version, but having a word with Zak seemed impossible since she wasn't ever listening. She and Kay got back into the Civic and Kay drove her home. The other girls took off too, before someone noticed them. Mint however felt guilty for her comments to Zakuro about Yuki and really wanted to let her know she's sorry.

As Sunday rose upon Zakuro, she decided it was time to visit her lost one's. She put on her disguise, and took ff to the church, occasionally she took glances behind her, to see if she was being followed, by media, strangers or ... her daughter. It took a good five minutes to get there, but no one followed, no one interfered. When she arrived she took a bow right at the doorway, as usual there was nobody in the church beside her. She went all the way to the front, and got to her knees to pray, she really took her time to pray. Usually it made her feel better, but not this time, it seemed to make her day harder. In the end she wished the impossible, she wished that she could see her daughter one more time. It was crazy, she knew. As Zakuro got up to leave she noticed someone walking along the center toward her, she couldn’t tell who it was, due to the dark. As she went closer and the stranger emerged from the dark, she saw who it was. And it took her some time to believe, it was Yuki, her daughter. She was changed to a Mew and didn't have wound on herself.
"Yuki? Is that really you?" - Zakuro said with eyes wide open.
"Yes, it's me. You wished to see me, didn't you?" - Yuki said.
"Oh, thank you Lord." - Zakuro said. - "Yuki."
Yuki couldn’t take it anymore, she ran and hugged her mother Zakuro, did the same. Then she noticed that her daughter was crying.
"What's wrong?" - she said a she lowered herself to her level.
"It's all the things I have do to you. I didn't mean  to do it, swear to God, I didn't. I'm so sorry."
"It's Alright, really."
"No! It isn't! I have attacked you, and took you as my enemy. It was all wrong, all along when you loved me and care about me. I still did all that." - Yuki backed up a bit.
"Yuki you are young. I went through the same confusion myself at your age. You are not alone."
"I still deserve punishment. You can hit me, I deserve it, you know I deserve it."
"No." - Zakuro hugged her to herself. - "I also didn't want to slap you across the face. Something inside me snapped and made me act that way."
"I know that feeling."
"I love you, I really love you. Why wouldn't I?"
"I love you too."
The girls and Kay suddenly appeared at the church door. Mint really wanted apologize to he Idol for the b**chy mood and the other girls wanted to see if she was really serious. And Kay came by himself. they all froze at the door. Yuki turned around.
"Yuki? I thought you died." - Ichigo said.
"I did, but my mother saved me, from complete death."
"How?" - Zakuro asked.
"When you were fighting over my soul with Deep Blue, you swallowed my Should, and you all thought it got destroyed. It didn't."
"I swallowed when I screamed after being cut in the chest?"
"That was the only time, you did." - Mint said.
"With that," - Yuki turned back to her mother. - "You gave me a new life and saved me. Thank you."
"Awww." - the girls said. They were touched by this. Kay walked over to his daughter, and also lowered himself.
"Hey, Yuki." - he said.
"Father!" - she said and hugged him.
"Sorry I couldn't meet you earlier."
"It's nobody's fault." - she said. - "But, I have to go back where I belong."
"Do you really have to go? I mean would it affect the future if you stayed a little longer." - Kay asked.
"Umm... I don't think so. Since I will trave back to where I left off." - Yuki said thinking. - "So I guess not."
"Well you can stay a little longer." - Zakuro said.
"We wouldn’t mind at all." - Lettuce said.
"Yeah, we could know each other closer." - Pudding said.
"Sure." - Yuki said. - "Oh and one more thing, remember my reason that made me come here?"
"Surely, to save us." - Ichigo said.
"I did it. I saved you all."
"I'm blown away. You are only 11, but you saved us all from it."
"You are amazing!" - the girls said.
Zakuro and Kay got up and walked toward the door. Mint took her chance.
"Zakuro." - she started. - "I'm sorry for all the things I said. I was a b.... idiot."
"No, it's fine, it happened to me too, it' Alright, I forgive you." - Zakuro said and looked down at Yuki who now changed back, but had her wolf ears and tail out. - "That's something she taught me."

OK. It's long and all and I left a lot of comments along, but it's a good story. Something that we deal everyday in here especially parents with their kids, it's telling the conflicts te confusion and troubled love. To be honest, I HATE LOVE STORIES, but there might be VERY VERY FEW EXPECTIONS! Like when a girl falls in love with another girl. NO! Not ewww!!! This is real life stuff, people have to face these things and f***ing George W. Bush should make same sex marriage un-illegal, it is said that you have to accept people the what they are. Once a homo, always a homo.
Sorry for that, anyway E-mail me at for your personal thoughts!

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