Zakuro's Daughter


"Yuki. Wake up, sunshine."
Yuki opened an eye and looked at Zakuro.  She sat up and jawned, rubbing her eyes, then she turned to her mother:                                                                                                               
"Morning, how did you sleep?"
"Good. And you?"
"Excellent I love this bed. Can I take a shower?"
Zakuro closed her eyes and opened them again smiling at her:
"Of course you can, it's right in there." - she pointed toward the bathroom. Yuki lay back on the bead to stretch one more time, she however was too close to the edge and fell of banging her head in to the wooden floor.
"Yuki. Oh Yuki are you OK?" -  Zakuro ran and helped her daughter up, who was rubbing her head
"Yeah, hahaha, kind of foolish of me. I'll go take a shower now." - Yuki went into the bathroom and in seconds Zakuro could hear the shower running. They had a conversation while Yuki was showering. Yuki was anxious of what will happen today. - "Where to today, mother?"
"Oh, I was thinking, of introducing you to the other Mew girls."
"Great! I'm so excited! There are five of you right?"
"Six, you included."
"Oh don't count me, I'm only here temporarily."
"Still you are here now, and that's what counts."
They had breakfast, there was no conversation for that time period (god, I hate that!), after they ate they got dressed, in normal cloths, and headed down to the Mew Mew Café. When they arrived they noticed the four other girls sittin at a far table playing cards, poker. There were no customers in yet, Zakuro went in the back room with Yuki following behind her, none of the girls even noticed them coming in. Zakuro changed to her working clots.
Later "Do you want me to come right in with you? Or do you want to introduce me and call me in." - Yuki asked when Zakuro finished changing
"It's up to you. Really. But I feel that it would be a waste of time if you just come in later."
Zakuro walked in with Yuki following behind, they sat down at the table, lucky there were two empty chairs left beside each other. Mint looked up in a surprise.
"Fan of yours?" - she asked
"No actually. She is somebody much closer than that." - Zakuro answered nervously, what will the girls think of her after this day and how much explanation will she has to do before they can move on.
"Your sister?"
"No. Her name is Yuki and she is my daughter."
Mint fell of her chair (well, fainted, sort of), and no one even noticed since they all looked at them.
"Your what? Daughter? But... I've never seen you pregnant. How is this possible?" - Ichigo said in surprise
"Believe it or not, she IS my daughter. She won't exist for the next 10 years." - Zakuro said looking at Yuki then back at Ichigo
"Is it just me, or this is fu.." - Pudding started and stopped when Zakuro raised her voice to stop her form swearing in front of Yuki. - "... messed up."
"She traveled 20 years back in time to this time period." - Zakuro continued.
"Time travel? Is that possible?" - Mint finally got up on her chair and asked in a shaky voice
"Well, 20 years in the future, I believe so." - Lettuce said, then she turned to Yuki - "Why did you come here? Weren't you happy back there."
"No." -  Yuki started an lowered her head. - "I had no parents, my mother, Zakuro, died after I was born, and my dad, Kay, got killed by something or somebody one night when I was about 6. And now I went to a poor church school. And I was the last Mew to be alive, all of you were killed in a fight."
All the Mew's were shocked doe to these news.
"Holy sh.. smokes. And you had to defend the planet all by yourself?" - Lettuce asked
"I had only one fight at age 11, where I managed to chase them away, but it almost cost my life."
"All by yourself?"
"Well, sort of, my boy friend helped me."
"And you came back here to save you mother?"
"Not just her, all of you."
"That won't be easy. Do you know how?" - Mint asked, she was a little better now.
"No, I have no clue of what I have to save you from."
"Don't worry we'll figure it out. Especially with her on our side, finally." - Lettuce said pointing at Zakuro
"Well, she was with Kish before and against him at the same time. But now they are pure enemies, don't worry."
"Mother?" - Yuki turned to Zakuro who closed her eyes. - "Is it true? You were working with them? Why?"
"I'm sorry. I didn’t think enough about it, I just didn’t seem to mind or care about what it might due to my life. I was an idiot, I'm sorry." - Zakuro opened her eyes and looked at Yuki who was shocked, but accepted and seemed to understand. And she made it clear by letting it know.
"Alright. I understand."
"People make can mistakes at my age, Yuki, they can misjudge themselves." - Lettuce said
"You can say that again. Anyway, I don't even know your names."
"Oh. We'll can I start? My name's Mint Aizawa, I'm probably the richest girl in Tokyo or even in Japan. I represent Ultramarine Lorket in my Mew version." - Mint said proudly, then she gave voice to Ichigo. - "And this is my best friend, Ichigo Momomiya."
"Yeah, we have been friends since... my clock started ticking." - Ichigo said and when she noticed that Yuki doesn't get it, she corrected. - "It's another way of saying that I was born. Anyway I represent Iriomote Wildcat (kitty!)."
"I'm Pudding Fong, the youngest member, probably your age, and I represent Golden Lion Tamarin." - Pudding was also proud to be able to tell this.
"And I'm Lettuce Midorikawa, and I represent the Finless Porpoise, when I'm a Mew." - Lettuce said and gave voice to Zakuro. "And she is Zakuro Fujiwara."
"Thanks. I never knew my mother's name, I mean, Kay told me, but I kept forgetting it." - Yuki said, she couldn’t keep the pleasure away form being heard.
"I represent the Grey Wolf. Just like you." - Zakuro said, even though she knew that Yuki figured it out by herself.
"I know, but I think I am more like a wolf than a human in terms of looks." - Yuki said to everyone's surprise.
"Why would that be?" - Mint asked
"Because I usually have my wolf appearance on and my fangs are also longer." - Yuki opened her mouth slightly to show her real wolf fangs.
"Come on, Yuki. I have that too when I turn into my Mew version. And Zakuro too." - Ichigo said
"Yeah, but I have them on all the time, I mean I was born with them. That's why some people are scared of me, especially when I have my wolf-appearance on. But I love being partly a wolf, I love it so much, that I just can't help it."
"Wow, we actually think the opposite of that. It's down right stupid and embarrassing, and we encourage you to agree with us." - Mint said
"MINT!" - All of them Besides Yuki (and Mint) yelled at her. This made her jump
"Alright, Alright! Sorry. Jeez." - she apologized quickly.
They kept talking until noon, where Ryou, the boss came out to inform them that they can leave since no one came and it would be a huge waste of money if the café woudn't operate, the girls got changed and left the cafe, while they were walking down the road Mint was to first one to realize, after 5 minutes that they had no destination which they were heading toward.
"Hey, chicks. Were the f. are we going?" - Mint stopped and asked
"No idea. Zak?" - Ichigo asked
"No clue eighter." - Zakuro said thinking. Then a white flash, another alien attack. the girls quickly changed to their Mew versions and ran to see what was going on, all three aliens were in midair and they brought a couple a 'friends', these creatures were twice the size of a full grown lion, there was 10 of them.
"Excellent timing, you b**ches. What the f**k? Have you been cloned Zak?" - Kish said when she noticed Yuki.
"NO! I'm her daughter!" - Yuki yelled back.
"Hmmm. I wonder who the father is... ah, who cares, about you anyway. Get her!" - Pai ordered the creatures to attack at once. The chicks jumped out of the way, and before anyone knew Yuki wrapped her whip around Kish's neck, pulled on him so hard that he knocked over Pai and they both landed hard on the ground.
"Holy f**k that was fast!" - Mint said, then she noticed one of the creatures running toward her and shot it down, dead, only 9 more to go. (yahoo! halfway done!) the dead body sided toward her, and Mint jumped over it. - "That was f**king awesome, Yuki!"
Zakuro threw and angry look at Mint, who rolled her eyes. Pudding and Lettuce where able to terminate 3 other creatures, but Lettuce got a bad deep cut in her chest.
"That stupid b**ch, she's got a bigger a** than I thought... take this!" - pai got up tried to shoot Yuki with an electric shock, but he missed, Yuki was no where to be found. - "What the f**k? Where the f**k is she?!"
"Right here sweetheart." - said a voice form the side, and Yuki came up running so fast that they had no reaction time. He punched Pai who flew backwards and knocked over Kish who just got up. Mean while the other girls have destroyed all the other creatures. And Yuki managed to take care of their leader.
"I'll kill that b**ch!" - Pai got up and started walking toward her, but Kish grabbed him by the arm said.
"I have a better idea." - both of them diapered.
The Mew girls ran to Yuki who was just standing in the middle of the place.
"Are you OK? That was awesome how did you do that?" - Ichigo asked.
"I don't know I just can that's all." - Yuki said smiling, she was pleased.
"Come on, chick! Can't just tell us, that was f**king awesome!" - Mint said, Zakuro grabbed her and pulled her aside for a talk, even though the rest of the girls could catch a few words.
"What?" - Mint started.
"You know what. Don't swear in front of my daughter. Please, she's only 11." - Zakuro's voice was determined.
"What is the big f**king deal? Look at Pudding, she's about her age and she swears as much as we do."
"That's exactly what I don't want her to do. Pudding is my friend and Yuki is my daughter, there is a huge difference."
"OK, I'm sor... what's the problem?" - Mint said with anger when she saw Zakuro roll her eyes.
"Don't even apologize, just please don't swear in front of her. Don't be a b**ch again, please." - with Zakuro, turned around and walked back to the rest of the girls who were waiting for them. Mint however was pissed off as f**k, and she raised her voice.
"Zak, I love you, but what's wrong with you today? I leave my house in a middle of a discussion with my grandmother. Have to leave her at home again alone with the maids, with no one to talk to. I come to this f**king café every single f**king morning, for getting bored or ... or working my a** off! And now I have to put up with you b**ching! Why are you b**ching today?" - Mint's short speech, affected everyone.
"Mint calm down." - Ichigo said, the girls were still changed to Mew's.
"F**k off!" - she screamed back and started walking away, changing back on the way.
"'sigh', I'll talk to her." - Ichigo said and all the girls changed back except for Zakuro and Yuki.
"You go ahead." - Zakuro told them standing beside Yuki who had been confused by these words. - "I'll catch up to you later." - Ichigo, Lettuce and Pudding ran after Mint. Zakuro bent her legs so she was at face to face level with Yuki, she looked at her straight in the eye and said:
"Yuki, some of the words my friends are saying you shouldn't know about, well... now you know, but please don't use them, it could save you a lot of trouble."
"Alright. Are you using any of them?"
"Uhhh. Why lie. Yes, quite a lot as a matter of fact. But you shouldn't."
"I promise I won't, until I fully understand them. Even then I'll try not to."
"Thanks." - Zakuro hugged her. They got up and started walking.
The sky went dark and heavy rain started to fall on them and the place was wet in no time, thunderclaps also started went off.
"Shouldn't we change back, mother." - Yuki asked, since both of them were still changed to 'battle mode', Zakuro was about to agree when:
"I don't think that would be necessary." - Pai appeared in just meters in front of them.
"Get lost." - Zakuro said and pushed Yuki behind her back in case he attacks, Yuki however wanted to fight.
"Oh come on, dog. I just came to talk to your b**chy 'daughter'. She can only be your daughter if she is form the future."
"I am!" - Yuki said
"Well there you go Kish. I told you." - Pai said, and this is when they noticed Kish and Taruto who just turned up form behind. - "She is some kind of a time traveler."
"What do you want?" - Zakuro was holding Yuki to herself with one hand and holding her whip with the other. Pai nodded to Taruto who tied up Yuki behind Zakuro, by throwing seeds at her feet, Later
which grew into ropes and wrapped around her tightly wile still being connected to the ground, suddenly she found it hard to breathe.
"Yuki! No..." - Zakuro tried to help her but Pai knocked her over, she landed hard on her side. zakuro tried to jump up but Kish kicked her on the side making her fly into a wall.
"Mother!" - Yuki screamed.
"You stupid ... a**hole ... just..." - Zakuro managed to get up. Pai ran toward her trying to hit her, but Zakuro moved out of the way in the last second, grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, with a crack coming from his joint.
"Uhhh! You f**king c**ksucker!" - he tried to reach back with his other arm, but Zakuro bit it and kicked him between the legs (why is it always there for the guy's?). This enabled her to hang onto him for another second. Kish came up running behind them, he wanted to stab her in the back, but Zakuro moved out of the way and Kish stabbed him in the a**. Zakuro lost grip. Kish swung this dagger and managed to cut her deeply just under her breast (little higher and this would be one of the best TMM stories). Zakuro screamed and held her cut, when she looked up, her eyes didn't even have time to focus, she got punched in the face so hard both her nose and the side of her mouth started bleeding, she flew back by the hit and landed on her back sliding a good distance. She managed to jump up and fight back. Meanwhile Zakuro was fighting against Pai and Kish, Yuki was watching it with emotional eyes. She couldn’t help her, each time she tried to loosen the ropes by stretching them, the ropes became tighter. Taruto was floating next to her arms behind the head, relaxing and enjoying the fight, it was easy to tell that Zakuro was losing, the number of cuts on her body, increased at a significant rate, she was losing a lot of blood.
"Looks like you mom, can't handle us, can she?" - Taruto began teasing Yuki who turned to him and threw angry look, and said:
"She can! I know she can !" - Zakuro got thrown into a wall
"Holy s**t you have guts, b**ch! I mean you stand up beside her, even when she is losing."
"Shut up!"
"And you know what the best part of this is? You will stand here tied up and watch your b**chy mother be terminated, knowing you could of helped her. If you were strong enough."
"Nooo! I cant' ... let you do this to her!" - Zakuro got thrown in front of Yuki's feet, she was on her back breathing hard mostly covered in deep cut, bruises and a lot of blood. - "Mother?"
Zakuro opened her eyes and looked up at her, she tried to say something, but no words came out her. Then she tried to get up, no luck, she fell on her stomach, Pai walked up to her, he had one single cut on his right arm and a lot of bruises, he grabbed Zakuro by her tail and pulled her a few meters away form Yuki.
"Nooo! Leave her alone! Please!" - Yuki screamed, Kish landed on his feet next to Yuki.
"Look at that a**." - Kish said and slapped Yuki in the butt, who straightened herself by the effect. - "That's a tight a**. Hmm."
"Would you quit f**king around, do something useful!" - Pai yelled at him when he placed his right foot on top of Zakuro's lower back.
"What? I'm just saying she's got a nice a**. What's wrong with that?" - Kish said in surprise
"What are you doing?" - Yuki said when Pai grabbed Zakuro, by her hair and pulled her whole upper body towards him, making Zakuro's spine bend to the snapping point (it haven't snapped yet). Zakuro gave off a low scream. - "Stop it! You're hurting her!"
"Exactly. If I pull anymore on her, her spine will break." - Pai said with pleasure
"What do you want?"
"You have been in the future, right? Where the Mew's got destroyed, we are not able to destroy them. But, I know you can help us by telling their weak points."
"I don't know! Even if I would know I wouldn’t tell you!"
"Wrong answer." - Pai pulled on Zakuro, her spine snapped with a big 'crack', she screamed with pain.
"Oh God! No! Please stop!"
Pai placed his foot over the snapping point, Zakuro screamed, then her voice quieted. Yuki started sobbing, she was so sorry.
"I can ask again." - Pai said and pulled more on Zakuro's hair (he got a grip near the roots, just to make sure he can pull a lot), stretching her spine to another breaking point. Zakuro was moaning with pain. - "Everyone has a weak point, what is the Mew's?"
Yuki looked down at her mother with a questionable look, Zakuro opened an eye and looked her daughter straight in the eye, she managed to say 'No.' in a way that only Yuki was able to hear it. She closed her eyes, something inside her told that she should listen to her mother at all costs.
"I can't tell, and I wont' eighter."
"You just never learn do you?" - Pai pulled on Zak's back, making a joint snap in a loud crack. She screamed louder and her eyes began to water. Yuki felt the pain inside her mind, she couldn't even look at her mother in such a pain.
"I'll ask one last time." - Pai moved up his lead again over the snapped joint and kept a good grip of Zakuro's hair.
"I... don't know, swear to my life I don't know our weak point..." - Yuki said looking at him straight in the eye, no use, he pulled on Zakuro's spine, making another bone break instead a joint snapping. She screamed again and quietly began sobbing, she had little energy to even do that. Pai let go of her and her upper body just dropped on the ground, the broken bone had cut through her skin on her back and made it bleed badly. Yuki dropped on her knees and lay her head on her shoulder. they were facing each other, but Zakuro's eyes were shut and it was easy to tell the pain she was feeling through her eyes.
"Mother, say something... please... I need you, I'm sorry for what I've done. Oh God, I'm so sorry!" - Yuki buried her face into her shoulder and cried. - "Please, mother, don't go! I love you!"
Kish picked up Yuki form the ground, she tried to refuse. But the ropes were too tight now.
"No! Leave us! I beg you please leave her, take me!" - Yuki begged as she got held down by Kish. Pai walked up to Zakuro's side and said:
"She's useless to us, b**ch." - he kicked her, Zakuro screamed and flew across the yard landing on her broken back hard.
"Mother!" - Yuki tried to break free, she was sobbing, but Zakuro just had her eyes closed and her mouth partly open. Her breathing was slower and harder, she couldn’t make a sound, due to intense pain. - "No! Please!"
"Bring her." - Pai ordered and started walking away.
"Who? Me?" - Kish asked
"No, Mew Ichigo. Yes! YOU!"
"Hey, I brought the last 10 people we kidnaped. I think you should put you’re a** to work." - big mistake, Pai turned around grabbed Kish by his shirt
"Who the f**k is the boss here? Me! So just grab her, and bring her a** to the ship! Oh, yeah. Don't be a d**k like last time!"
"Alright! Alright. Jeez. Take it easy." - he let go of his shirt and continued walking, Kish grabbed Yuki (the ropes disconnected from the ground holding their grip around her body) who kept jerking around in his grip, trying to break free. Kish was able to hold her, but five minutes into it, he got bit.
"Oww! You stupid ... " - Kish knocked her so hard in the back of the head with the back of his dagger, that Yuki fainted. Which made his job easier. - " ... b**ch."
They diapered, leaving Zakuro in the rain dealing with the pain. For the first time in 17 years she was defeated for good. Meanwhile the rain became so heavy that it acted like fog on the visibility. The other girls arrived at Mint's house the closest one, but they haven't seen Zakuro or Yuki.
"Where the f**k are they?" - Ichigo said drying her hair with a towel (yeah, they got wet).
"We should of saw them by now. Did they pass us?" -Lettuce said
"Noone passes by my house without noticing it." - Mint said in a 'I know it' way.
"They Probably just went home." - Ichigo finished and put the towel back on the hanger.
"What? Their house is another 4 blocks away from here!" - Pudding said watching the weather news (plasma tv, Sunrise, Sunrise). - "This rain won't stop till tomorrow morning! They would of gotten so f**king wet, by now!"
"Yeah, Zakuro is the most mature one of she would of figured that out." - Mint said, they began to worry. There was a knock on the door, Mint usually let's the maids get it, but she was so worried that she was the one answering. It was Kay.
"May I come in?" - he had his coat pulled over his head.
"What's up with you?" - she asked
"Why?" - he still wasn't invited, so he stood before the opened door. - "We can talk if let me in."
"Alright come on." - Mint let him in and ordered one of the maids to bring a fresh towel for him. - "Where is Zakuro?"
"I though she was with you."
"She was, but she let us go ahead so she can have a private talk with her da..." - Ichigo covered her mouth, but her arm swung too fast and almost knocked her over. - "F**K!"
"Her who?" - Kay thought.
"...uhhh. Fan, another one, new one." - Ichigo finished. The maid got back with the towel, lend it to him and left.
"We should check on her. Even in, this weather. I mean what if something did happen to her?" - Kay said, eventually everyone agreeing.
"Let's not all go. In case she get's back here." - Lettuce said. - "That way we'll have a bigger chance of finding her."
"Alright, good. And we should check her place too." - Ichigo said. She Mint and Kay got in a 2005 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II, with a Mint personal driver. And they drove into the heavy rain, first they went to the place they last saw her.
"Stop here, I'll search personally, cause I can't see a damn think in this rain." -Kay said getting ready to get out.
"What? In this rain?" - Mint said
"I'm not taking any chances. Especially not with her. You two just search her place."
"Look we are just wasting time like this." -Kay got out and ran into the park (last seen place of Zakuro). Out of sight. Mint then, ordered the driver to take them to Zakuro's place.
In the heavy rain and the intense darkness, it was impossible to see more than a meter ahead, Kay kept calling her name. No response, he went real slowly, being cautious of every step. After about five minutes, he spotted something purple-ish on the ground, he  moved closer, and spotted Zakuro laying on here back, eyes closed, and changed to a Mew (yes he did know about she being a Mew, but kept it a secret for her)
"Zakuro!" - Ran and knelled beside her. As soon as he tried to pick her up, Zakuro gave off a low scream. The pain the her broken spine increased overtime. He placed her back. - "Zakuro? What's wrong?" - this is when he noticed blood on his hand, which came form her and got washed away in seconds. This is when he figured out, that her spine was snapped, Kay jumped up and grabbed a walking stick that was left there by accident, then he carefully placed it along her broken spine. He took of his belt (no, his pant's stayed) and wrapped it around her belly to give the stick support, which would give her spine support. Then he picked Zakuro up, in a carry-the-bride way, slowly and carefully, making sure that he also give support to her back with his arm, just to keep it straight. It was easy to tell, this was a little painful for her, but there was no choice. He tried running, but it just increased the pain for her, so he walked fast as he could with her in his arms to the café. Which was closer form here.
"Still I just can't believe she has a daughter. I mean it was so unaccepted." - Masaya said looking at the DNA sample on the computer.
"I'm tellign you. If we don't get to te bottom of this, it could lead to disaster." - Ryou said standing next to the window, look outside into the big 'emptyness.
"Bottom of what?"
"Ahh! For f**k sakes, use your head, man! The bottom of why she came here, and what are her reasons, it is really easy to mess this up."
"I can't believe, she has that DNA. The one I gave her, Grey Wolf, as a matter of fact the young's abilities are over the top. She is able to move at lightning speed, and has intense reaction time. I'm telling you, this could be the perfect killing machine."
"We might of talked it too far..." - There was a knock on the door in the from entrance. Ryou went to the door and said: - "We are closed, right now."
"It's an emergency!" - the voice came form the other side. Ryou opened the door, and Kay came in carrying Zakuro. - "She needs hospitality! Quick!"
"What the f**k happened?" - he slammed the door after him.
"I don't know! But her spine is broken in three different places."
"Holy s**t! Uhhh... put her down on this matrace." - Masaya pulled out a matrace single  form the cabined and threw it on the floor (luckily it was the sleeping side). This is when they noticed the trial of blood coming all the way form the door. Kay placed her down gently, Then turned her on her stomach. Her spine was in a horrible condition. They gave her a sleeping pill, which worked  immediately, she didn't make a sound.
"Should we call a doctor?" - Kay asked nervously. - "I know she's a Mew and all, but we are talking about life here."
"I am a doctor." - Masaya said, to both of their Sunrise. - "It took me 7 years in university to become a pro." - he pointed toward his briefcase. Ryou opened it and pulled out a Master Degree proof.
"Why the f**k, haven't you told anyone?" - the turned back to him. There was no answer.
"I'll have to move the broken columns back into place by hand, luckily they are not that far off."
"Do you need help?" - they asked at the same time.
"No. This is professional work, it took me 19 moths to master. Just wait outside that's all you can do."
Both of the guys walked out to the front lobby.
"We have been partners all these years, and he tell me this s**t now. I can't believe it." - Ryou started when they sat down next to a table.
"Are you sure he can do this?" - Kay asked, he was worrying his a** off.
"I hope so, I mean his old lady is a doctor."
"S**t! We gotta tell the others. They are still looking for her!" - Kay took out his cell phone and dialed Mint's house. Lettuce picked it up.
"Hey, I found Zakuro, but she's hurt." - Kay started. Lettuce gasped on the news.
"Where are you now?"
"The café."
"We are on our way. Tell her to hang on."
"I can't she sleeping right now."
"But she's... you know... alive... right?"
"I can't tell you anything, I wish I could though."
"Be right over, Chao."
It took them a good 5 minutes to get to the café. They had to bang on the door, since the knocking was lost in the rain's noise. Kay got the door.
"Finally!" - they said at the same time, whish made him jump. They walked in. All the girls were there, except Yuki.
"Where is she?" - Mint asked. - "Is she Alright?"
"No. She suffered form serious spine injury."
"Oh my God. How did that happen?" - Ichigo said covering up her mouth due to the shocking news.
"I don't know."
"Where is she right now?" - Mint asked looking around.
"In the back room, Mayasa is healing her. We better not go back, he needs to focus." - Kay said sitting down, the girls were still standing.
"Him? How? I mean he's got only basic skills." - Ichigo said in surprise - "Can't we just call a doctor?"
"She is still a Mew. Besides his mother is a doctor, therapist. And he mastered the skills." - Ryou shook his head and continued. - "After all these years of partnership and he tell us now."
"Maybe he wanted to make it a surprise." - Pudding said.
"Well, Sunrise, Sunrise. He picks the beast time possible." - Ryou continued. the girls sat down and waited. There was no talk and 'worry a**es off ' between them. What if she doesn’t make it, then all of Tokyo will be effected.  It was about a half an hour later, when Masaya came out, he had transparent gloves on his hands.
"Ryou, could you give me a hand?"
"Why, how is she?" - Ryou stood up with everyone else.
"Fine I guess, still asleep."
"Can we see her?" - Mint asked.
'Well, OK."
They all walked in, Zakuro was laying on her stomach on the matrace, her cuts and bruises were disinfected and covered up by bandages in order to prevent it from being infected again. On the computer there was a 3D scan of her spine.
"I was able to move the broken pieces back to their original spots, I did as much as possible." - he continued, taking the gloves off and throwing them away.
"Zakuro?" - Mint asked, no response. They were able to see her chest moving slightly, which meant she was breathing normally.
"I will need to turn her on her back. Ryou?" - They took a couple of pillows placed it on the matrace in a way that would keep her spine in 'standard shape (you know, the 'S' shape), then they carefully rolled her on to it. And covered her up with a blanket.
"That's all I could do, or anybody can do." - Masaya said looking sorrowfully at her.
"What now?" - Ichigo asked.
"We will have to wait until morning."
"What can happen? What are the chances." - Lettuce asked also looking at her.
"Well, this is a relatively major injury. In a case like this three things can happen. Since her spine was damaged which is th major holder of veins and arteries, it might of damaged some of them and reduced or cut the blood supply to the brain, which could lead to death."
Everyone was shocked by this. He continued:
"I'm sorry to say, but it might happen... she might however have blood supply to her brain, but it she doesn't to the rest of the body, she will survive, but she would never be able to walk again, and the third thing that might happen is complete recovery. Right now, I can't tell anything at all, we will have let her rest and see wait happens. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for her."
"No, no. You did your best." - Ichigo said, Mint was almost sobbing by now, they all walked out of the room.
"I'll stay with her, incase she has trouble... I mean you can never know." - Kay said.
"Alright. Just give me a call, in case." - Masaya said, they turned pff the light, Kay leaned agains the wall next to Zakuro's silent resting body, he leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth, gently; then he leaned back agains the wall and was asleep before he knew it.
He woke up on the fact that someone had her finger in his hair, Kay turned his head over and saw Zakuro smiling at him, this is when he realized he slept on her chest. In the Sunrise he quickly rised himself  up and looked at her.
"Zak ... Zakuro?"
"Yeah, it's me ... " - she sais quietly and weakly.
"Oh no. I fell asleep on your chest somehow. Have I hurt you?"
"No. Really, my back doesn't hurt anymore. I'm Alright, really."
"Oh, I gotta tell the others! They worried so much about you."- he took out his cell phone and dialed couple of numbers telling everyone the good news. Mint overreacted a little...
"Jeez!" - Kay said and took the phone away from his ear. Zakuro tried not to laugh. Kay hung up. - "They'll be here soon."
"You carried me all the way here, didn't you? And set off to search for me even in that weather. Awww."
"Hey. It's a natural thing to do. Besides I lo..."
" you. I know. No one ever said that to me ... besides Mint..." - Zakuro stopped and thought about it for a while. I hope she doesn't love me like 'this' (her and Kay). Because that would be the freakiest thing ever for me.
"Well. It's only 6 am. I was surprised you woke up so early."
"I woke up around 5. Haha, you should of stayed more on my chest like that I found you cute."
"Hmmm. I can say that right now."
They both laughed, the door opened and the girls came running in, Mint was the last one. She tripped in something knocking over the whole crowd. They all laughed. After they were able to get up. They kneed next to Zakuro.
"How are you?" - Mint asked
"Fine, weak a little, but fine."
"How is she?" - Masaya, who just walked in, asked.
"Fine. I'm feeling better now."
"Great, that means, she has survived the worst case."
"What can still happen?" - Lettuce turned back.
"Uhhh. She might not be able to walk... can you fell your legs, Zakuro?"
They all looked at her, then after a few seconds, she answered.
"No. Nothing."
Masaya walked over to her and pressed on her upper and lower legs, and asked.
"Anything now? Any kind of feeling." - The girls were still looking at her.
"No. None whatsoever." - they all gasped
"Would... would that mean she won't be able to walk ever again?" - Mint asked
"There might be still sideffects of the pain releaf pill. If not ... then she won't ever be able to walk again.”
"So.. we'll have to wait again?” - Lettuce asked.
"I guess, but only about an hour or so."
"Don't worry, even if won't ever be able to walk again, we'll still be friends." - Zakuro said to her (a**-off) worrying friends.
"But... you won't ever be a model... again." - Mint asked.
"And? That's not the end of the world."
"It is for me." - Mint got up and ran out of the room.
"She really cares about you, you know." - Ichigo said.
"You can say that again." - Zakuro said and closed her eyes. The other left, then she remembered something, but they were out the door already.
"Should I stay?" - Kay asked.
"That's Alright. I'll be fine now, just go home and take a warm shower. You must be shivering by now in those wet clots." - Zakuro said to him.
"Are you sure? 'Cause ... "
"I'm sure. Just take care of yourself, honey."
"Honey? You never called me that before. Ah. Alright I'll see you later." - They kissed and he walked out the door, Zakuro was alone again, but she got used to it over the years. She fell asleep. It has been a relaxing time for her. She woke up around 9:00 AM. The room was still empty.
"Yuki." - She said.
Then suddenly Kay walked back in, knocking on the door, he sat down next to Zakuro and saw her nervous face.
"What's wrong?" - Kay asked.
"Yuki. Where is Yuki?"
"Who? Who is she?"
"Oh. I haven't told you yet have I? Well, believe it or not, she is our ... our daughter."
"What? But you and I never had ... "
"I know."
"And you never been..."
"I know. She is from the future."
Kay stood up and walked around for a while. This couldn’t be possible, how could they have a daughter? No way there must a gag in here.
"Are you sure, absolutely sure?" - he stopped and asked her.
"Positive, we had a DNA test."
"How old is she?"
"11 years. But she is very energetic and quick."
"Why did she come back here?"
"To save the Mew's and us."
"But she's so young."
"I know, that's why we have to help her. Trust me."
"I do, but this sounds a little... unusual."
"I know, it's hard to believe, but I trust her. I do."
"Then I will too."
"Thanks for understanding."
"Where is she?" - Kay sat down next to Zakuro.
"I just asked that from you, but ... " - Zakuro thought for a second. - "... I think she got kidnaped by the aliens."
"Ahh! Ugh!" - Yuki got thrown into a hole in the ground that was about 2 stores deep and had a gate at it's top. She landed hard on her side while still being wrapped up. - "I'll get you, for what you have done to my mother! You'll suffer the day you ever set a foot on this planet!"
They turned around and left her. When she was far enough Kish asked:
"What the f**k does the boss need her for?"
"Who cares? Just do what he tells us to do." - Pai said looking back at the gate.'
The boss appeared, Big Blue, he walked past them and saw Yuki on the bottom of the whole with her head facing the ground.
"Finally. What took you so long?"
"Uhhh... she was a pain the a** to capture. Her abilities exceed the rest of the Mew's."
"Excellent." - Big Blue turned around and walked to them. - "We can only make use of this b**ch if we turn her on our side. I order you to find a way."
"Yes, master." - Pai and the rest of the aliens got on one knee.
"You have 14 hours." - the boss said and walked away, when he was out of sight, Kish continued:
"14 f**king hours? How the f**k will we convince her to join us in 14 hours."
"She's naive." - Pia walked to Yuki's cage. She was still sobbing quietly. He snapped a finger and Yuki appeared tied to a pole just about her height. She was standing with her arms tied tight behind the pole and her legs tied together to the pole. She was facing the aliens and was boiling with anger.
"You should be glad we saved you." - Pai started.
"And you should be dead by now!" - Yuki yelled back, she was no longer sobbing.
"We saved you a** from a lot of beating."
"No! You ... "
"Your mother would of punished you anyway when you get home."
"No! She wouldn't! She love's me! And it wasn't my fault she got hurt!"
"Then who's was it?"
"No. I warned you that she'll get hurt if you don't tell me the weak point of the Mew's. Even though, you didn't answer."
"But, you were the one who did that to her!"
"I warned you. And didn't haven you seen the anger in her eyes?"
Yuki stopped and thought for a few seconds, then continued.
"Really?" - Kish took his turn
"Yes, really. She was hurt, but not mad. Besides she wanted me to say no!"
"Didn't she mean 'no' as 'don't cause me pain'?"
"She was hurt, and she knew that it would hurt even more. Due to the immense pain she only could say 'no', meaning 'don't hurt me'."
"But you caused her so much pain, even thought she asked you not to."
"I didn't know..."
"Exactly and that is why she wanted to punish you. She doesn't love you, she hates you now. Period."
"No! She can't hate me! I'm her own daughter! How could ... "
"Not all mothers love, Yuki. I know that because I have been watching this planet for such a long time." - Pai said and took back his turn.
"Prove it!"
"Alright, in a place of the planet that you call 'Africa' is the place of the most children without a family. Why? 'Cause mother's just can't love. And if a child is born who is not accepted in society, it gets left alone, locked up, beaten, starved and even killed if it brings shame to the family."
"That can't be true. Just can't be true!"
"Yuki, you have no facts to back up your 'beliefs, unlike I do. Why do you think there are so many children starving in this world. Every single child was born with a mother right? So why are there so many orphans like you were?"
"How do you know that?"
"Oh, I overheard a few things."
"Mothers can die after birth..."
"But not all do, let's face it. Some just can't support a family or don't want to or even sometimes, just don't even want to have a child, and in case they do, they just don't care. Just like Zakuro."
"I can't believe... I don't believe this. I won't believe this!"
"Want more? Alright. Why did she tell you to quit following?"
"She didn't know it was me."
"Than how did you know, out of millions of people, that was her?"
"Because I knew who she was." - Yuki felt a little more confident.
"She was wearing disguise. Were you told of that or even knew that."
"No. I didn't ... know."
"See? Mew's have this sense to tell their mother, father or in Zakuro's case their young." (this is a dirty lie)
"She knew it was me?"
"Just like you knew it was her. Even though she started by challenging you to prove it."
"But ... why did she?"
"She hates you Yuki, just has the ability to hide it. Here, many people do."
"And when you asked what sex was. She refused to answer."
"She told me I was too young."
"Then how come your friends knew about it? She didn't want you to upgrade to their level. We cannot argue that."
"She doesn’t love me? No... I can't ... " - Yuki now actually believed that Zakuro, her own mother hated her. Her voice changed to a sobbing-like one. She face the ground again.
"I know it's hard to realize, we tried to tell you and warn you but you know." - Taruto said.
"I'm sorry I fought back. I won't ever due it." - Yuki continued.
"It's Alright. Welcome aboard." - Pai said and released Yuki, who did not attack just remained still then lifted her head, smiled and said.
"I'm glad to be."
Zakuro's back has been healing at a extreme rate. The broken columns joined up and the snapped joints rejoined. Zakuro felt this, by the pain (if there was any) decreasing. That night the rest of the Mew's met with her again. it was 20 minutes before 10 PM.
"Alright Zak. This is it." - Masaya said and once again pressed his fist analyze Zakuro's leg. "Can you feel that?"
Everyone held their breath (even I did).
"I ... I can. Just a little bit." - Zakuro said in surprise. The Mew's let it out in relief. Then Mint asked.
"And now try to sit up."
"Already? But it was only 24 hours." - Ichigo said. No answer. Zakuro sat up with no problem, she was really surprised. Masaya smiled and continued.
"And finally stand up." - Zakuro stood up with a little help from Kay. Everyone's mouth was open. How could she recover so soon?
"It is part of the Mew project." - Ryou said leaning against a wall. - "Any injuries you have during a battle, will be healed in 24 hours, but not more than 30. You just have to survive the first part."
"Oh, thank you!" -Mint said, and ran to Ryou to hug him. This was a little weird, but the rest of the Mew's felt the same way.
"By tomorrow morning you'll be back on track, just as if nothing ever happened." - Masaya said. Zakuro walked out with them to the front door, her walking was slow, but steady. She and Kay got dressed.
"Thanks for everything. I owe you guy's one." - Zakuro said and they walked out the door into the night. The rest of the Mew's also went home relieved. On the way home Kay was walking with Zakuro with his arm around her.
"Where to?" - Kay asked.
"How about my place, it's the closest one and we can discuss Yuki." - Zakuro responded.
With Zakuro's slow and steady pace it took them about 8 minutes to arrive. Kay picked up Zakuro in a carry-the-bride way, she laughed and said.
"Oh, Kay I'm not that hurt." Later

"Oh, it's no problem."
They arrived at her apartment and Kay placed her down on the couch and sat next to her. They took their coats off, and this is when they both noticed that zakuro was still a Mew. Zakuro
didn't change back, she was too tired and depressed to care. Kay put an arm around her for comfort.
"How old is she again?" - Kay started.
"11. But I'm telling you she is faster than anybody I have ever seen before."
"How does she look like? More like you or me?"

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