Zakuro's Daughter


It was a cool Sunday afternoon, with nothing to do, Zakuro was sitting at her bedroom window looking at the end of the sunset. She wasn't bored, but rather lost in her thoughts. She has been mostly thinking about her life so far, what did it mean? If it meant anything at all, besides being rich and popular. That what most people saw of her, but inside she was cold as ice and tough as a rock on the outside.
Zakuro looking out the window She never let anybody win against her. But what about her other, and only, friends. They won didn't they? She joined their team and became a friend for the first time in 17 years. That wasn't like a defeat, but a rather realization of her mistake. She realized that no matter how good she was at fighting when she was a Mew, it would still take her one mistake to end her story.
But what about her friend who she lost a couple of years ago? She couldn’t save him from being taken away by the Lord. Was she defeated there? She survived the fact that he was gone and moved on, not like some people who would commit suicide in a case like that. She couldn’t be defeated there eighter...just couldn't. This is when she realized that they hadn't talked in so many days, she should talk to him again. Zakuro got up and walked over to her closet, she took out her long light brown coat and cowboy-'like hat she topped it off with a fake pair of glasses. This was pretty much the only way she could go out on the streets without being followed by the media. She didn't mind them, but this was personal. She couldn't be an everyday person anymore, which she sometimes wished she would be instead a well'-known Idol.
She went out on the street and started walking down the sidewalk toward the church. After a few minutes she noticed that she was being followed by someone dressed in similar clothing to her's. Zakuro kept on walking, but the person still followed her, this person was much smaller than her, possibly at age of 10 or 12. She had no idea of what that person wanted from her. Money? No, crazy. Autograph? Not likely, no one recognized her like this since she started using this idea of hers. She tried walking faster, but it was no use. Then she quickly turned at the block and went into a shop.
"Can I help you, my dear?" - the old clerk said to her.
"No, thanks. I just..." - Zakuro saw her follower pass the store by without even noticing her at all. -"...came to the wrong store." - Zakuro turned around and left the store.
When she arrived back on the street she was happy to realize that she had lost her follower, and continued her journey. On the way she wondered who this person was, it couldn’t be one of her fans, cause they are never searching for her, it couldn’t be one of her friends, because they only turn up on birthdays and special occasions at her place. Then who the f**k could that person be?
She arrived at the church, just as she entered the doorway she thought she saw her follower in the distance. She took a closer look, nobody, there was nobody there. She entered the church and bowed right away in front of the cross, then she walked all the way up to the front got on her knees and prayed silently. She talked to her lost one in her mind, many people think this is crazy and impossible, but when you believe in the Lord, anything is possible.
Five minutes later, the old oak door opened slowly. Zakuro looked back from the corner of her eye to see who it was. Surprise, surprise, her follower was back, the person bowed in front of the cross and sat in one of the middle benches, Zakuro prayed for another couple of minutes, then she got up and went for the door. The stranger also got up and went to her as she was walking across the middle path, and said:
"May I talk to you?" - the stranger's voice sounded just like Zakuro's when she was much younger.
"No." - Zakuro said coldly  and walked past her, the stranger reached after Zakuro's Hand.
Zakuro rejecting Yuki. "Quit following me!"
"But, I need to talk to you. Please?"
"Why should I listen?"
"Because I'm your daughter!"
Zakuro stopped, she laughed at the news then said:
"I heard a lot of stupid things but that was the biggest one so far."
"I can prove it. Just give me a chance."
"Alright." - Zakuro said and turned around to face the stranger. - "You've got one minute."
"I know that you have a symbol made up two wolves facing the opposite directions around your belly button."
"How do you know that?" - Zakuro was shocked, no one knew about that besides the Mew's.
"Because I have it too. Look." - The stranger pulled up her shirt just over her stomach area and showed her symbol, just as she described it. Zakuro was shocked.
"OK. That proves that you are a Mew. Nothing more."
"This is yours right?" - the stranger showed the cross that she wore around her neck. It was just like Zakuro's, actually it was Zakuro's exactly one more time, she got shocked and reached for her own and found in just around her neck. Then she took the stranger's and hers and looked them side-by-side on the back there she saw, on both of them, her name hand-imprinted in the metal, which she had done when she was a small child. She let go both of the crosses and backed away from her.
"No. It can't be. How could I have a daughter. I would of know about it." - Zakuro dropped in one of the benches.
"I can explain everything. I'm from the future, about 20 years from now."
"What?! You traveled in time? That's impossible."
"Not in the future. Trust me."
"Are you sure that you aren't my sister or cousin?"
"I'm sure. Look, I sound like you and look like you, and look this coat is yours too."
"Yeah. It is mine, oh my god! You have everything I do."
"If you don't believe your own daughter, then I don't know who you would believe."
There was a moment's silence between them, Zakuro's heart was beating very fast. How the f**k could this be or even happened? She was never pregnant, it would be 9 months of pregnancy, she would of know about it. The only other answer was time traveling, but that's just crazy.
"I can see that you are confused. I will explain everything, but not here, in case someone hears us."
"Uhhh...I...I mean you...this is just too insane to be true..."
"A DNA test would tell the truth."
"Y-yeah..." - Zakuro put on her hat and stood up. - "Shall we go then?"
"Yes, mother."
"Please, just...don't call me mother until we are 100% sure of this."
"I know one place they can do it without any hassle, the café. Come on." - Zakuro smiled at her and wen tout the door with her walking by her side. There was nothing said on the way to the café. They used the back door since there were people inside already. Zakuro knocked on the door then they heard a voice saying:
"Just finish it. I don't care how. The customer complained twice now. So get you’re a** back to work."
"Hey! I'm not your slave d**khead!"
The door opened Ryou standing at it.
"Come in...who is this?" - He said as he let the girls in .
"She claims to be my daughter."
"I know, I know, she already proved as much as she could, but I need a DNA test to make sure... Ryou, are you even listening?"
"...aha...right...who's the father?"
"It's not important right now."
"Alright, I'll take a hair sample..."
"OW!" - Both girls yelled
"...and apologize, sorry, then get on with my... work." - Ryou was having the weirdest feelings today, he put the 2 pieces of hair in a special scanner. The girls walked over.
"Well?" - Zakuro said nervously.
"Wait a sec here...uhhh...there. Done."
"What is it?"
"Partically identical DNA. She has 23 cromosems from you and 23 from another person... I can't find who though. S**t!"
"Ryou! Please!"
Zakuro pointed toward her daughter, she wasn't as shocked to hear these news, since she prepared herself on the way, for this. Then she looked back at her daughter who ran to her and hugged her.
"Wow. How did you..."
"She traveled back to this time period, she traveled 20 years back."
"Alright, then."
"And one more thing don't tell about this to anybody, please."
"OK." - Ryou said eyes wide open looking at the girls - "I won't...won't...won't..."
"Bye then, thanks."
Zakuro and her daughter left through the back door, leaving Ryou sitting in his chair frozen and rather looking half-dead.
"So, where now?"
"To my place, I guess." - Zakuro said and one arm she hugged her daughter to herself they arrived at her place in just a couple of minutes. When they arrived both girls took off their coats  hats and glasses. Yuki's hair was long and blueish-purple, which was her favorite color. This is when Zakuro noticed that her daughter had her wolf ears and tail on.
" have your wolf-appearance on."
"I know. And I love it sooo much." - her daughter said and hugged her puffy tail to herself. - "Don't you?"
"No. I prefer to be  just human. Oh, I don't even know your name, what is it?" - Zakuro's daughter let go of her tail.
"That's a pretty name. Did I ever tell you why I named you that?"
"No. Why?"
"Don't know, I'm asking you. What something to eat?"
"No, but a tea would be fine, thanks."
They stat down at the sides table facing each other, with their tea in from of them. Zakuro started the conversation.
"So why did you came back here? Weren't you happy back there?"
"No. I was an orphan."
"You were an orphan?" - Zakuro's eyes went wide open. - "I died with your father?"
"Yeah. You were only about 27 when I was born, the problem was that you were 8 months pregnant and I was born too early and just couldn't take it anymore and passed away. So I was left alone with Kay. He stayed with me and helped me with anything, but when I was about 6 years old he got killed somehow and I was sent to chuchshool, which is where I live right now."
"Oh no. I'm so sorry."
"It's not your fault. That's why I came back to change the past and save you, Kay and all the Mew's from death, but I don't know what I should do to save all these people."
"Look, even if you don't succeed, I'll be still proud of you, since you took the risk to try to save us. At this young age."
"Still I want to save all of you."
"You will I know you will." - Zakuro smiled at Yuki -"I'll help you, and I'm sure the Mew's would love to help too. We will do this."
"It's not for me, it's for ..."
"...all of us. I know, but you informed us, we can help you and handle this problem."
"Thanks a lot."
"No. Don't thank. It's normal I'll help you, you are my daughter." - Zakuro put a hand on top of Yuki's head - "And I love you as a daughter." - She took her hand off and smiled at her. Then to change the conversation to a better mood, (she wanted to help her daughter to overcome these issues) she tried a different starting question. - "So you are a Mew too?"
"Yeah. And I love it so much, because I'm not like every other girl. I used to wear these real wolf ears and tail in school too. I just love it so much!"
"Hmm. What do other people think?"
"They laughed the first time it appeared by accident, it happened when I was excited about the year-end dance. But they are completely used to it now."
"Well, as long as you like it, is what's important."
"The teachers even tried to remove it thought operation, since I was scaring people, they succeeded a couple of times, but the ears and tail regrew the next day. So eventually they gave up."
The girls laughed at this. Yuki's wolf tail was waggling.
"Did you ever fight against aliens yet?"
"Yeah, once. four aliens and 3 creatures, huge actually."
"Whoa, have you won?"
"Well, partly, and partly lost the fight. Here is what actually happened..."
A partly sunny afternoon at Yuki's school. She was on her way to head outside, just like everyone else. The clouds were building up overhead. She walked outside and noticed her 'friends'.
"Hey! What's up gills'?" -Yuki said as she ran to them and sat next to them in the green grass.
"Oh great. All we need is you." - one of the girls said sarcasingly as Yuki sat down.
"What's the problem?"
"You! You b**ch!"
"What did I do?"
"You are following us around. With your stupid f**king dog parts. We are not friends of yours."
"I have wolf parts not dog parts."
Yuki was one of the best and smartest students in the whole school, for that she had almost no friends. The girls got up and left her sitting in the grass alone.
"Why? Why can't we be friends?"
"Because nobody likes to hang out with dirty f**king dogs." - the girls yelled back.
Yuki got up, she had no one else ro talk to. Then a big white flash came with a huge bang that knocked over everybody in the yard, it happened in mid air over the woods. The school was deep in the country pretty isolated from everything in middle of a forest. Four aliens appeared and 3 lion-like creatures that were the size of a full grown elephant and hand red-yellow fur. The same moment in Yuki’s hand a Mew medallion appeared.
"What's this?" - she asked herself in surprise. There was another white flash around her and when she opened her eyes she realized that she was a mew, with the representation of the Grey Wolf. - "Alright! It's time kick a**!" - Yuki ran off toward the aliens in the distance where one of the alines was approaching the pile of people who made up the whole schools population, including students and teachers who were trapped by the surrounding creatures and the school walls.
"I know you have Mew Yuki here! Where the f**k is she?" - the approaching alien yelled at them. The crowd was scared as f**k from them.
"W-We swear we don't know!" - one of the teachers said with the rest of the crowd agreeing with him.
"I have my ways to make you punks talk!" - the alien took out a dagger and flew closer to one of the kids who started crying.
"Hold it right there!" - Yuki slid in between the alien and the crowd, spreading her arms and legs to try and protect these people. She was facing the alien
"There you are b**ch! Alright give it up. You have no chance. Look around you." Yuki in her Mew form.
"No. I'm not leaving these people unprotected!"
"Yuki is that you?" - teachers voice came from the crowd behind Yuki, she didn't answer, but then everyone knew it.
"What are you gonna do now? Fight for them at age 11?" - the alien said and laughed
"Exactly." - Yuki said and disappeared just like that, just before she did everyone though they saw her lean to the right in a way that showed that she was getting ready to run. But running at a speed not being seen is impossible...(right?).
"What? Where the f**k did she go? Find her..." - the alien just talking to her said, but couldn’t finish his sentence since Yuki appeared next to one of his comrades punching him in the face and knocking him over.
Yuki taking out the aliens. "Get her! Get that b**ch." - the boss yelled, everyone jumped at her. Yuki kicked of one of them and punched another one from the movement. The third one just got a good taste of Yuki's love toward him, a kick in the face (what do you expect?). When the boss tried to stab he she had the ability to jump away form him and get out her whip to spank him in the a**. She survived the first round scratch-less. All this happened in mid air but only about 10 m form the ground (Nice eh?). As she reached the ground, the creatures attacked at the same time, she remained until the last second then jumped up, making the creatures knock each other out instead of her. She wasn't paying full attention, so when she arrived up she gut a deep cut in her back a cm in length. Yuki screamed with pain and almost fell back, but she was kicked in the stomach one more this one making her fall towards the crowd who moved out of her direction, making her land hard on her side in the dirt. It started raining, heavily and it was almost as dark as night. Many people wanted to help her up, but she refused and said:
"We are not done yet." - Yuki's back was bleeding badly and there was also bool coming out on the side of her mouth in a single thin line. She got up trying to find her balance. Everyone was blown away by her performance.
"My dear, there is no need or reason to fight" - said a pope behind her."
"There is no need for a reason to fight, father." - with that she kicked of the ground, back to fight. One of the aliens grabbed by the tail and swung her around, trying to throw her into the wall. She managed to kick him and free herself, then she got kicked in the back and from the back. She flung around with her whip and flung it toward him. The whip wrapped around his neck, then she pulled him to herself and, showing her love toward him again, punched him straight in the face as hard as she could. That one was out of the way. She had only 6 more to go (out of 7). Still in the air she managed to use her love toward the aliens to fight. But then she was eventually knocked back on the ground.
"Mew Yuki." - a voice said behind her, she swung around and saw her friend (boyfriend) being tied up, standing and a dagger put to his throat by the boss. - "You move a muscle and this will be the last day you two will se each other! Drop your f**king weapon! NOW!!"
Everyone froze, they new that Yuki had been gotten, by a trick.
"Why should I trust you?" - she said quietly
"Who the f**k said that you have to trust me? Huh, b**ch? No one, so drop your weapon, or else!"
"Don't do it!" - her boyfriend yelled.
"Shut up!" - the boss yelled and punched him in the face. Yuki closed her eyes and said:
"Alright. Just don't hurt him, or anybody." -she threw her whip to the boss.
"Good, doggie. I will not hurt him." - the boss said and disappeared just like Yuki did.
"Oh no. Be careful, he could be anywhere." - her boyfriend said, everyone could tell she was listening to any noise made by the boss, in order to tell where he was. She had her head lowered a bit and her eyes focused on the empty wall. Then.  she felt being punched hard in the cheek and knocked over, the boss appeared.
"You are not the only one with that ability, b**ch."- he said.
Yuki jumped up and tried to hit him, but he caught her hand and twisted it, making it crack. She screamed, then he grabbed her and held her to himself with one hand around her waist holding down her hands and the other holding the dagger pointing close to her cut.
"So, sweetheart, would you like to joins us anytime soon? 'Cause it would be a real pleasure." - he said to her smiling, their faces were only and inch apart.
"No, but..." - Yuki suddenly had an idea. - "Come closer."
The boss raised his eyebrows in surprise, he put his head closer to hers.
"Closer, come on." - Yuki said sweetly, her voice was irresistible like this.
"Ah, playful are we?"
"Yes, very playful." Yuki said, and when his head came close enough she bit him in the side of the neck as hard as she could, tasting the blood emerging from him.
"AHHHH! YOU F**KING B**CH! GET HER OFF!! AHHH!!" - he screamed, and tried to pull her off, but Yuki's long wolf fangs held on making the pull on her hurt for the boss not her. One of the aliens kicked her in the back, making her scream and let go. Her boyfriend freed himself and  ran to the two of them to contribute his feelings toward the boss, by a punch in the face and she caught Yuki who almost fell, but the boss fell backwards and knocked over his comrades. The three creatures attacked her one by one, one after another. So they wouldn't have the same incident as last time. Yuki took her whip again and cut the first one in half, then the second one in half and the third one had it's headache solved. The three dead creatures had diapered after this.
"Well. Have fun boss." - one of the aliens said and all the aliens besides the boss left through a portal.
"Wait. You'll just leave me here? Get back here you son of a b**ch!" - the boss yelled and took off after them, he didn't show it, but he wanted to escape too.
Just before he could enter the portal, Yuki, with all her remaining strength, jumped up and wrapped her two arms around his neck, preventing him from leaving.
"You won't leave alive!" - she screamed as she tried to hang on to the boss who was dragging and hitting her.
"Get off b**ch! F**k off!" - the boss managed to get her off, making use of the moment of freedom, by kicking her hard in the stomach then in the face, Yuki once again came zooming to the ground, landing hard on her back. The boss left through the portal, which closed after him. The fight was won to a certain point Yuki tried to pull herself up, but she dropped back on the ground when she just even tried to sit up. The whole crowd ran to her.
"She needs hospitality!" - the pope said. Yuki's boyfriend ran to her and picked her up, carry the bride way. Her head was laying weakly on his chest, her eyes closed, holding the tears of pain back.  He ran with her in his arms all the way to the hospital inside the school. The crowd tried to follow behind, but a kid had tripped and everyone behind him fell, this kept going until there was a whole pile of students and teachers built up in the middle of the yard. Yuki was arrived at the hospital part of the school. Her boyfriend placed her down on the nearest bed. The school nurse ran there to see what the problem was and noticed Yuki in her Mew version (except she had no idea)."What happened? Who is she?" - the nurse asked
"Doesn't matter right now. Just help her, please. She saved us all!" - one of the students said. Since Yuki was the only patient, all the nurses got together. They gave her sleeping pills, since the cut on her back had to be sewed together. After the pills they ordered everyone to leave, and they did, knowing that was the only thing they could do for her.
"May I stay?" - Yuki's boyfriend asked nervously.
"Sorry. But you can't. We need to focus." - the nurse said. Everyone went outside and the nurse shut the door. They looked in one more time and left for praying for her at the church. A few hours later a nurse came out. A few students tracked her down including Jack, Yuki's boyfriend.
"How is she?" - they asked at the same time, which made the nurse jump.
"We did as much as we could, I don't know if she would even live for tomorrow, I'm sorry to say, but it's the truth."
"Can we see her?"
"No. We can't take any chances in a case like this. All we can do is wait for tomorrow and pray."
The nurse said, everyone was shocked, the word spread quickly around the school. That night sleep hadn't came on anybody's eyes. No one could consume the fact that the only orphan in the school, who was the best student and had nobody to love is going to meet her faith. On top of all that she saved all of their lives, she shouldn't have been treated like that, on that, everyone agreed.
When the morning came the first thing was for everyone to ask about Yuki, but things just became worse.
"Her heart rate decreased and so did her breathing rate, I can't even tell if she is awake or asleep, she doesn't react for anything." - the nurses said in a worried voice.
"Oh no. Please Lord don't take her away from us, please. We are the one you should punish."
The day went on. This must of been some kind of record, I mean there was no mise made by the students, you could even hear the fly zooming in the room. Students kept up with their work, but their mind was mostly focused on Yuki. After shool, everyone went to the chuch to pray for her. The hospital school and chuch were connected together. After the praying they went out on the fresh air and that's when they noticed Yuki's whip in the grass. They picked it up, this might be the only thing left of her.
That night sleep came, but only for a few hours. They were still too worried about her, again in the morning they asked about Yuki, things couldn’t be worse.
"I'm sorry to say, but I think she dying. I'm not completely sure of it, but her breathing is incredibly slow and her heart rate is below 30 beats per minute. We can't help her anymore."
"Are you sure?" - a girl asked with tears in her eyes.
"We have her breathing helped by a machine, but it doesn't seem to help." - the nurse seemed to be emotionally effected by this too. Suddenly there was a blackout (no power). The nurse ran back to the hospital, yelling:
"The machine! It stopped!"
All the kids and teachers took off after her, the same kid fell making the pile again like last time outside, but this time it cleared much quicker and they arrived at the doors and stared in the windows. They saw the nurses try to turn the machine on, no luck, there was an electrical spark and the machine burned out. they removed the breathing hose so Yuki won't breath in the smoke and rolled the machine away form her. Then a nurse cam out with news, bad news.
"The machine burned out. That was the only one we had and there isn't a within... 80 or... 90 miles..." - she started crying and went back through the doors. then another nurse came out.
"May we talk to her? Please, this might be our last chance. Even if she can't hear us. Please." - one girl pleased
"Alright, but only four of you. No more." - the nurse let in Jack and three other girls. They walked up to Yuki's bed. She was laying perfectly still on her back eyes closed, her mouth part open with her white teeth showing, her face looked relaxed and normal. they sat down next to her and the nurse went to talk with the rest of the nurses. Jack took Yuki's hand into his hand and started.
"I don't know if you can hear me. But I just came to say thank you from all of the people in this school, for what you have done for them, they apologize for any harm they might of done to you. We are sorry, by heart. We loved and love you as a sister."
"You were my big sister, Yuki. I'm sorry, for everything I have done, you aren't the b**ch, I am." - one of the girl said to Yuki. All four of them were looking at Yuki's face and nowhere else.
"I swear that I won't ever bother you again. Swear. Just don't leave us, we need you and love you." - the other girl said half-crying.
"You are our hero and always will be. If you go, we are useless. I would give my heart to you if I had to." - the third girl said with the others nodded on agreement on that sentence.
"And I love you as much as I can, more than a sister." - Jack said holding her hand and close to his face, Yuki's upper hand was still beside her side and their elbows touching. Jack was now holding Yuki's right lower arm, with two hands now, for a second he thought she felt Yuki squeeze a tiny bit on his hold. - "Do it for all these people and me. Please, we all love you."
The nurse came  back and said:
"I'm sorry, but now it's time to go. She needs as much rest as possible."
They got up, but Jack kissed Yuki on the lips before he left. That night was, as everyone thought, Yuki's last day with them. Some girls just sobbed quietly into their pillows. The next morning everyone prepared themselves for the worst. They all just woke up when they heard a nurse running down the hall yelling:
"She is awake, alive! Oh sisters, brothers, she made it!"
Everyone jumped out of bed and started running down the hall towards the hospital, but the kid fell again making the biggest pile of fallen kids ever (Uhhh! that kid just can't suck that  much!). They (finally) arrived at the windows and looked in. Yuki was laying on her back, then she looked at them and raised a hand slowly to say 'hi'. When she saw everyone cheering, she got a little embarrassed and turned her head away with a quiet laugh, smiling. The whole crowd ran in the door and settled around her bed in a safe distance, about a meter or so, because they knew that she needed air desperately.
"How are you?" - one of the guys asked.
"Fine. I guess. But in case you believed I was faking it, I wasn't actually." - Yuki said weakly, her voice sounded unclear and hurt. She was looking at her questioner.
"You couldn't have been faking it my dear. You have lost so much blood, that you almost died, but luckily be had some volunteers." - the nurse said.
"You saved my life? Why?" - Yuki said in surprise with eyes wide open. She asked this from everyone.
"Because we love you as a sister!" - they all said at te same time.
"Noone ever said that to me before. Thanks." - Yuki felt a little embarrassed, she closed her eyes for a second then opened  them when they spoke again.
"No don't thank us, we are the one who should thank you. You saved our lives, thanks! We are sorry for any discomfort we might have caused to you." - the same guy said.
"It's Alright. I forgive you for whatever the reason. I also heard some of the things some you have said to me. I really thank you, but I think you worry too much about me." - Yuki said.
"Those people were us. And we meat every word of it." - Jack said with the three girls who were with him the time they talked to Yuki, nodding in agreement.
"You are the most brave person we ever met. You suffered to save us from it." - one of those girls said.
This is when Yuki noticed that she was still a Mew, that's why she was brave. One of the girls put Yuki's whip on top of her chest then said:
"You dropped that during your fight."
"Really Yuki, don't thank us, we should thank you."
"Alright everybody. That's enough for now. She needs rest, just to make sure." - the nurse came by and said calmly
"Mother. Really I'm Alright now, I'm not as weak." - Yuki pleased weakly.
"I know you might be able to handle this conversation, but I want you to wait just one more day. To make sure everything is Alright."
People slowly started to leaved, they agreed with the nurse, saying good-bye one-by-one on the way.
"May I stay for minute?" - Jack asked the nurse.
"I'm afraid not his time." - the nurse responded
"Please. Just a minute."
The nursed looked at Yuki who nodded with a weak smile. Then she turned back to Jack and said:
"Alright, but just a minute."
"Thank you, mother."- Jack sat down next to Yuki on the exact same chair as last time.
"You fought by me. Didn't you?" - Yuki started, when there was only the two of them left in the room.
"I didn't do much, you did."
"Oh no. You told me not to throw this away when they tied you up and threatened to kill you if I wouldn't." - Yuki lifted her whip slightly up (refer to as this), then placed it down
"Those were just words, with no help."
"But you proved that you really care about me. And after that you knocked the guy I bit."
"I didn't knocked him out...just...hit him."
"Just more than enough for me to prove that you love me more than you said you did."
"Please, tell me. Please, I need to know if I was right."
Jack took Yuki's hand, this is when she already knew, it had to be something more than she thought. then Jack said it:
"I'm in love with you...really...I just waited for the right time to tell..."
(damn right, you don't want to f**k this chance up)
Yuki's eyes were wide open in the surprise, even though, she kind of expected this answer, she was shocked by it. then she held his hand stronger.
"I knew it. I knew it!" - she said happily.
"OK. It's time to go young man. She really needs to rest now." - the nurse came back and said.
Jack got up and kissed Yuki on the mouth, who seemed to turn a little red after this. Jack left leaving her completely alone in the room. She fell asleep in a matter of minutes after that. This has been the most unusual day for her in her life so far. When she woke up the next morning (yeah, she slept a whole day) she found one of the nurses standing over her.
"Morning, Yuki. I would like you to sit up, to see if the cut on your back has healed enough. Alright, but only if you feel no pain." - one of the nurses said to her sweetly.
Yuki slowly pulled her self up, it was a weird feeling, since she could feel the seam in her back stretch, which held the cut, in order so it wouldn't open. Her cut stretched all the way from her lower right back of her shoulder to her left hip. On the other hand she felt no pain.
"Oh, sisters! She can walk!" - the nurse said cheerful as Yuki got out of bed. Her movement was slow and steady. - "Could you sit on this chair backwards? So I can take your seam out?"
"Sure." - Yuki sat down, so her chest was against the backside of the chair.
"Oh, and I'll need you to undress form the top. Don't worry  no one will se you. But it's the only way I can take al of it out."
Yuki took her only piece of clothing off. (warning, this might turn some people on, hahaha) Then leaned her chest against the chair's  backside. The nurse took out some scissors and cut the seam in the middle, pulling a piece of it out. She worked slowly, but with extreme caution. She even asked:
"Tell me if you feel any pain at all, and we can stop."
Yuki didn't really feel pain, but she knew that what she has been through, was much worse, so she kept silent. They were about halfway through, when some guy's and girl's just ran in to see if she was really able to walk already. This is when they saw her half-naked. (ouch) Yuki gave off a squeak and covered her breasts with her arms. All of the guy's turned around quickly in realization of their mistake.
"I knew we should of came later." - one of them said in embaressement.
"She has real breasts already? At age 11, our age? How come none of us do yet?" - one of the girls asked the rest of the people.
"Out! She is getting her seam removed from her back." - the nurse said, she wasn't yelling, but raised her voice a little bit.
"Do you guy's think we came at the wrong time?" - one of the guy's said in a low tone.
"Definitely." - the rest of them said at once.
"Yuki..." - Jack, who just also came running in and saw her girlfriend half-naked and swung around  facing the same direction as the other guy's
"Join the club." - the tallest guy said.
Yuki had her mouth partly open, her cheeks were red due to embarrassment. She had no idea what to say in this case, the nurse however kept working on her back.
"Out, out!" - the nurse shooed everyone who just ran in, out. Then she turned back to Yuki who was frozen in embarrassment - "I'm sorry my dear, but the lock on that door doesn’t seem to work anymore."
"It's ... Alright ... I guess." - she said still covering her breasts.
"Don't be embarrassed about having those, you would of had them eventually. I mean it's natural."
"But I'm the first girl in the school! That's not that normal is it?"
"That's Alright, soon you won't be."
They finished taking out the seam and Yuki got dressed, she was still a Mew so she changed back to her human version, as always she kept on her wolf-like appearance (of course).
"If you have any problems, just feel free to come back here." - the nurse said smiling. Yuki hugged her then she smiled back as 'thanks'. Then she went out the door. The hall wasn't empty, there were people sitting everywhere.
"Yuki, you can walk!" - a girl said and ran to her, soon the whole school was around her. She felt a little embarrassed.
"Well? How was it?" - one of the kids asked her
"The seam takeout? Or what?"
"It didn't hurt, but I could fell it being pulled out of the skin."
"Owww. Oh I do  not want to picture that!"
"The night when I woke up the first time since the incident, you know yesterday."
"Aha, what about it?" - Jack asked her.
"That very night I met Jesus himself in my dreams, and it was as clear as this moment."
"You met the Lord? Wow!" -  a little girl said in surprise
"Yeah. He told me that my time to leave will come, but that time is not this time. And because you all love and need me so much I chose to stay."
"YAAAYY!" - some girls said, three of them ran to her. Tow of them hugged her, another taller one hugged her around her neck. The rest of the crowd cheered (wow, that was taken a little far for them). Yuki just closed her eyes and smiled. That night, Jack and Yuki finally found some private time together (no, it wasn't dirty, ever). They were sitting outside on a bench looking at the full moon. Yuki had her head lowered on his shoulder and Jack ad his right arm around her. They were just sitting there in the night outside on the yard.
"Oh, how much you have been through in the last few days, Yuki. And you are still standing." - Jack said
"I'm still standing." - Yuki said singingly, they laughed. - "You know is should really thank the nurses and you guys, they are the ones who helped so much. And you..."
"Me? How did I help you recover?"
"You ran with me all the way to the hospital and latter came in to talk with me, you also believed in me." -Yuki turned her head on his shoulder so she could look at him. Jack also looked down at her. That's when she found Yuki kind of cute looking at him form his shoulder level smiling. She kind of looked like a little puppy (baby wolf, cutie). They wanted to kiss, when a couple of girls who were spying on them fell out from behind a bush on a pile. Jack and Yuki looked at them then said at the same time:
"Uhhh! Can't we spend some time alone?"
"Get off me! Ow! Get..." - the girls were doing their best to stand up from the(-ir) pile.
"I bet they were following us since the beginning. They must be jealous of me having breasts and they don't." - Yuki said and sighed
"Oh about that, sorry I saw you like that, I just heard..." - Jack said quickly
"...that I can walk and wanted to see if it was indeed true. I know, don't be sorry, it would of happened anyway, someday in our adulthood. Wait a second that girl owns me..."
"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" - the girls started in a strike manner way.
"Not in front of them." - Yuki said lowering her eyebrows
"Definitely." - Jack agreed.
The girls kept on repeating, until Jack nor Yuki could take it any more, but instead of throwing something (like last time), she changed her mind:
"I'm too tired to not-be-able, because of them."
"But ... you just said ..." - Jack responded in a surprised way looking ta Yuki again
"Yeah, I still do. But I'm too tired to care anymore. I mean come on! What could be wrong about it? Hmmm?"
They both agreed on that and in front of the five girls the kissed, mouth to mouth. The girls cheered (jeez!) them on. When they stopped, Yuki just started laughing and Jack also joined in. This was probably th happiest day of their lives, so far.
"...we are still going out, but he thinks I'm on a holiday, just to keep my time traveling a secret." -Yuki finished
"Wow, you have been through a lot." - Zakuro said and took a sip of her tea, after that she continued - "I mean you have been seen half-naked, fought a whole crowd of aliens by yourself, fallen in love, and lost a family."
"Yeah, that's exactly why so many people are amazed."
"On top of that you could handle all of it."
"I must of gotten that ability form you, since I heard what accomplishments you have done. Fought off a whole army of giant birds and their leader, what was his name again..."
"Yeah that one."
"Yeah he is an as... " - Zakuro almost swore there, but caught herself and turned it into a yawn.
"...a what, mother?"
"...alien...though one."
"Oh. Have you ever lost someone?"
"Yeah...a long time ago, a boyfriend of mine, we were going out al lot."
"Why did he leave you?"
"He didn't leave me, he died." - Zakuro looked a Yuki and noticed that's exactly what she meant. - "He wasn't listening to me, I kept warning him about the fact that he might get attacked. But he kept telling me it's Alright, he'll be careful. But it wasn't enough. He died to save me. It still affects me today..."
"I'm ..."
"No, no. Don't be sorry for me. You have been through a lot too." - Zakuro said softly and shacking her head.
"What bout my grandparent's? I haven't heard a word from or even about them in 11 years."
"Me neither, I'm not even sure where I was rose up. All I can remember that I wanted to be a Supermodel form the begining."
"And now you are. It's great isn't it?"
"Sort of. Because I am 'stamped for the rest of my life and each time I'll go out on the street, I'll have the reporters on my a... back." - Zakuro caught herself again about to swear.
"But you can enjoy it, right?"
"I love it, especially acting. And for that a lot of guy's asked me out, I said 'no' to them all. All they want is my money, I know that for sure."
"But, there was one person who really loved you."
"Yeah., he was the only one I ever truly loved."
"Mother, there have been a few questions that have been bothering me, for a long time now."
"Ask away then, I can help you."
Zakuro talking to Yuki, "Well, first of all, what are kisses good for?"
Zakuro was surprise, at this, she thought that Yuki already knew. But she answered anyway:
"They are a way to express your feeling toward people. That you love them. And there are two kinds of love, do you know them?"
"Well, there is family love, between sister, brother or sister, sister, and so on. With me so far?"
"And there is the love between two people, like you and Jack. Can you see the difference?"
"Now, yeah. So the difference would be that I'm in love whit Jack, but I love you as a mother."
"Exactly." - Zakuro smiled at her, she was pleased with her.
"And I have another question. Each time I ask this from my friends they laugh."
"What is it?" - Zakuro took a sip of tea.
"What is sex?"
Zakuro miss shallowed her tea and started coughing. She put down her cup and slightly punched herself in the chest a few times to clear it. Yuki was shocked and quickly asked:
"Oh, mother are you Alright?"
"Yeah. What was that?"
"I...asked what sex was and... you just started coughing..."
"Uhhh... Yuki, you shouldn't know about this yet... you are too young to know..."
"They said you did it, which is how I was born. is it true?"
Zakuro had her mouth covered with her right hand, her eyes wide open looking at Yuki. She couldn’t believe Yuki already knew about this? How could they tell her something like this at such a young age?
"Uhhh... yeah, but lets drop this topic, please, you are too young to know about this. I hope you can understand."
"Of course, you want to protect me from stuff I shouldn't be involved in, they also told me this."
"Exactly. You are a smart girl, I can see that already." - Zakuro smiled and put a hand on Yuki's cheek (for a couple of seconds, yes she does remove it after a while, jeez!)
The Sun was already down and it was around 11:00, so Yuki and Zakuro went to bed. Zakuro's place was huge and her bed could comfortable provide them with space. Yuki found it so comfortable that she fell asleep within 5 minutes. For Zakuro the fact of sleepiness wasn't present, she was so happy to know she has a daughter, of course she knew that yuki only came here for a few days, she will travel back to her time period eventually. But she knew, that she'll have a family, which is all she needed for complete happiness. It took her until midnight to fall asleep. It was one of the best night for them.
Zakuro was the first one to wake up, she found Yuki's head laying on her chest, she held back a laugh. Then she leaned forward and kissed Yuki in the back of the head. Then she carefully moved out from under her head and went to take a shower. It was a good 15 minutes for her, when she got back, Yuki was still sleeping and didn't seemed to move. Zakuro sat next to her and called softly:

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