Mint's lover

"Hurry up will you!" - Ichigo said as they were running down the street towards the school. It was the end of the school year and they were receiving their report cards today. They ran into the school and stopped in the hallway.
"Damn, which room?" -Mint asked, they started walking down the hall. Then suddenly a door opened and smacked Ichigo in the face.
"OWW! For f**k sakes!" - she said holding her nose.
"Sorry!" - the guy said and ran to her -"You alright?"
"No, you...Aoyama-kun?" - she looked up                                                                                                    
"Ichigo? Oh I'm so sorry, didn't see you coming."
"It's alright, am I bleeding?"
"No, and don't worry, you look just as pretty as you always do." - they laughed
"Is this the class we supposed to meet in?" - Mint said pointing to the classroom Aoyama-kun came out of.
"Yeah, but the teacher's pretty pissed cause you are late, again. Don't take that wrong Ichigo..." - he said
"I know, I know, we are 'always' late." - she said.
"Shall we go in together? That way I might be able to pull you out of this mess." - he asked
"No, we (she and Mint) can handle this, really, besides it's the last day."
"Yeah we'll just come up with a reason was pregnant..." -Mint said
"WHAT?!" - Ichigo and Aoyama-kun said in a surprise
"Just kidding...hehe...ah I suck at jokes." - Mint said
"Let's go before the bell goes." - Ichigo said this between her teeth.
They opened the door, it was their lucky day, there were no desks or chairs. Everyone was standing and talking in groups with their report cards in their hands. They went to the teachers desk to pick up their report cards when...
"Aha, another late Ichigo." - the teacher said - "or should I call you Mew Ichigo?"
"What are you talking about?" - Ichigo asked and turned very nervous when the room grew silent and everyone looked at her.
"This is what I'm talking about" - she grabbed Ichigo and turned her around where she faced a mirror. She was changed to a Mew.
"No. NO! NO F**KING WAY!" - She tried to cover her cat ears and tail and ran to the door, but it was locked. Everyone was laughing at her.
"NOOOO...OWW...AHHHHH...OWW! FOR F**K SAKES!" - Ichigo woke up in a single bed, banged her head into the lamp which hang from the ceiling and was way too low. Then she fell of the bed landing on mint who was sleeping below.
"OWW!" - Mint woke up in pain - "Sometimes I ask myself...ow...why do I hang out with you?"
"Sorry, just had a bad dream that's all."- Ichigo said rubbing her head. She was sitting upright next to Mint.
"Let me guess, you dreamed that they found out you are a Mew."
"Yep. I hate when that happens."
"Look it's one in the morning would you go back to sleep?"
"Yeah, I guess you're right."
"I'm always right."
Ichigo looks at Mint
"Most of the time...sometimes."
Ichigo climbed back to her bed and was asleep before she even new it. They woke up in about 8 in the morning, went down to have breakfast and went out for a walk. They were just having a good time when they heard an explosion and screaming people were running away from the place it came from. Mint and Ichigo ran towards the place the explosion came from. When they got there Mew Zakuro, Mew Pudding and Mew Lettuce were already fighting off the aliens.
"What are you two waiting for? Good luck kisses?" - Zakuro yelled at them, her right arm was bleeding.
Mint and Ichigo quickly changed to Mew's. And set off to fight.
"Ah, so we all gathered here." - Kish said, he was floating in the air and looked rather relaxed, even though he saw that his team of mystical creatures were being killed easily.
"F**k off." - Lettuce yelled back.
Mint fired an arrow toward him that had penetrated deep into his chest, but didn't kill him.
"Alright you asked for this b**ch." - he took out his dragon swords and attacked Mint. She jumped out of the way and Zakuro kicked him in the face. Kish then as he fell accidentally stabbed Zakuro in her left leg.
"UGHH!" - she yelled with pain and fell onto the floor. The other Mew's rushed to her help, but kish knocked them away and put his sword to Zakuro's neck.
"You move and she dies. Isn't that fair?" -he looked back at Zakuro who was breathing hard laying in her back and it was easy to tell that she was pissed off. - "Don't worry sweetheart."
There were no more creatures to fight, except for a lion-like creature who was hiding and waiting for the moment to come. Mint slowly raised her weapon, but kish threw his other sword and knocked out of her hand.
"Leave it." -Kish said. - "Or, you know."
The lion creature attacked. It ran toward Mint and knocked her over. Then before anyone could do anything it roared so loudly that everyone besides Kish had to cover their ears well and this roar seemed to have lasting effects.
"Not so though anymore are you ladies?" - Kish said laughing
Zakuro shook her head and noticed that Kish wasn't paying attention. She knocked hi over by kicking him on the side. Then she jumped at the creature, that was just about to roar again and wrapped her left arm around it's mouth and used her other one to grab the end of her left arm. The creature was shaking it's head to try to free itself.
"Shoot, somebody shoot it!" - Zakuro yelled. Pudding shot the creature, but couldn't kill it, just weaken it. Then the creature threw off Zakuro who landed hard on the concrete.
Mint quickly flew  to it and knocked it over by kicking it. Then Lettuce shot it and killed it once and for all.
"Damn it! I'll be back you idiots! With a bigger army!" - Kish said and disappeared.
The Mew's ran to Zakuro who just stood up, but seemed to be weak.
"Are you alright?" - Ichigo asked
" I had worse days." -Zakuro said.
"Sh*t! The news reporters are coming! Quick hide!" -  Ichigo said and they all took off.
"Wait were the hell is my weapon?" - Mint asked, if somebody other than them finds it, it could lead to disaster.
"There!" - Lettuce pointed to it.
"You go ahead I'll catch up, I can fly, don't worry." - Mint said and ran to pick up the weapon and this is when she felt something knocking her in the back of her head. She fainted and felt somebody picking her up.
Mint woke up in a room that had no furniture or carpet in it just a dirty messy concrete floor and old brick walls. There was only one window high up which meant she was in the basement there was also a wooden stairway leading down. Her hands were tied up over her head with a chain having two handcuffs on both ends which were old and rusty, but maintained their strength, the chain went through a skinny loop which was attached to the brick wall. Mint still felt a little dizzy, so she shook her head to clear it. This is when she realised that she was still a Mew.
"Good morning sunshine." -said a voice to her left, Mint looked and saw a girl about her age and height with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting in the dirt staring at her with a slight smile. -"Don't be scared, I wont hurt you Mint."
"How do you know my name?"
"For what?"
"Confirming my guess, you see you reminded me of that rich girl in school, you look like her sound like her and act like her. And now I know who you really are."
"Congratulations, now would you let me go?" - Mint said shaking the chain.
"I'm afraid I can't do that."
"What do you want, money?"
"No Mint, I want you."
"Say what? Me? What do you mean?"
"This is what I mean."- the girl said and moved next to Mint. She tried to kiss her, but Mint jumped up with her hands being now at shoulder level due to the chain on her wrists.
"No, I can't do that."
The girl stood up and walked very close to Mint who tried to pull away. Mint tried to kick her, but before she could the girl said:
"If you do that, I'll tell everyone you are a Mew. Do you want that?"
The girl made another attempt to kiss Mint. Mint knew that she can't prevent this from happening. When suddenly...
"Sarah, supper is ready." -  a voice came from above
"Ahh. I'll see you later birdie." - Sarah said and walked up the stairs leaving Mint alone in the room. This is when Mint started jerking around withe chain pulling on it as hard as she could, but it was useless, the cuffs and chain were way too strong for her. The cuffs cut into her hand and made her bleed badly. She kept on trieing, until she got tired. Then she lay back on the floor breathing hard, blood was dripping from her hands (which were above her head again) was dripping to her head and clothes below, but she was too depressed to care. After laying like that for a while, to basement door opened and Sarah appeared carrying a plate full of food.
"You must be hungry." - Sarah said and put the plate down in front of Mint.
"No actually."
"Don't try to hide it, face it Mint you are. I can see it in you eyes clearly."
" How the fu.., how am I supposed to eat with both of my hands tied up like this?"
"Alright, I'll unleash one of your hands." -Sarah said and took out a key and unleashed Mints’ right hand. 'This is it!' Mint thought and pulled with her still cuffed left hand to try and pull the chain out of the loop, but the other cuff was too bit to fit through and stopped her hand. She was as trapped as before.
"NOOO!" - Mint said and pulled on the chain again, no luck.
"I'm sorry. I can't let you go, I love you too much for that."
"Sorry?! F**k you are sorry! And I think that you love me too little for letting me go!"
"I can't help it Mint."- Sarah said and put the plate down in front of Mint - "Eat you'll feel better."- she left the room again turning off the light leaving Mew Mint in complete darkness. She got so angry that she kicked the plateful of food that hit the wall and broke into little pieces. then she sat back down and fell asleep.
She woke up in the middle of the night on the fact that she heard screaming outside, another alien attack. She tried to break free of the chain and this is when she noticed that while she was sleeping Sarah had put her free hand back into the cuff. What she didn't know is why Sarah didn't even let her go in a situation like this. Soon the screaming was over and she fell asleep again. This time she woke up on the fact that three girls were talking about her. She opened her eyes, it was morning, and three shadows appeared in front of her. She shook her head to bring her eyes to focus, this is when she noticed Sarah and two other girls in front of her whistling and giggling about her.
"Morning birdie. Did you sleep good?" - Sarah said with a calm voice.
"No." - Mint said coldly
"Damn she's cute! I can't believe you could capture her in such a good condition Sarah." - one of the girls said.
Mint jumped up so did the other girls. This was over the top embarrassing for her.
"I really like her breasts. They are bigger than mine are." - the other girl said.
"Uhhh...could we not talk about this...please?" - Mint said while she turned a little red due to the embarrassment.
"We'll try, but it won't be easy, you see we are lesbian." - Sarah said with a smile. 'S**t!' Mint thought 'That’s all I need!' Sarah continued - "Just like you."
"What? No way! I'm not a lesbian!"
"Really? Prove it."
"'I don't give a damn. Since you can't. Remember the day you said you love that famous model...what’s her name...Zakuro."
"I don't love her like that. Just because I said I do, it doesn't mean I love her like that. For f**k sakes Sarah, please don't do this to me if you really love me."
"Look Mint, anybody ..."
"...could come up with s**t like that. But Have you ever seen me stare at a girl or even ask one out? NO! So what the f**k is you problem? If you don't believe me, the only person who knows the answer to that question, I don't know who you would believe."
"Alright, I guess I was wrong. Sorry. But that won't give me a reason to let you go." - Sarah held Mint down with her arms so Mint couldn't do a single thing to prevent being kissed on the lips, and she knew if she fights back Sarah's friends would tell very other friends of theirs that she is a Mew and that is the last thing she wanted. Sarah moved closer and kissed Mint, she kept doing that for quite a few seconds then she stopped and let go of Mint who turned her head away and closed her eyes due to the embarrassment.- "Especially after this."
"Can I try?" - one of the girls asked, she looked very excited.
"no...please no..." - Mint said in a weak scared voice
Black haired girl
"Go ahead, she's a little scared, but she is soooo cute!" - Sarah said in a steady statisfied voice. And so did her friend took her turn. she gently turned Mint's head to face her and kissed her, after that Sarah's other friend took her turn.
"You are right she's cute. VERY cute. How long can we keep her?" - she said wiping her lips off.
"Don't know...she doesn't want to stay, but I love her so much...' -Sarah said looking at Mint who's eyes were watering now.
"Love? THIS is love to you?" - Mint said half-crying as she shook the chains on her wrist, which were now partly covered in blood.
" I'm sorry I can't let you go. I would love to make you happy, know."
All three of the girls left the room, Mint dropped on the ground sobbing. She could not believe that these girls did such a horrible thing to her, she fell asleep late in the night, after being up for hours and with the Sun warming up the room to crazy temperatures. She dreamed about breaking free and shooting Sarah with her weapon. She felt happy about it, but then she had a weird feeling ... Sarah was not her enemy...she was her sister.
"NOOO!" - Mint woke up screaming and scaring the s**t out of the three girls which came down to see and probably play with her again. It was just after midnight, mint hardly slept anything, just a few minutes. The three other girls laughed.
"No what?" - Sarah said giggling.
"You can't be my sister! No way!" - Mint said with her voice still shaky from the sobbing.
"I'm not your sister, which is sort of good I guess..." - Sarah kissed Mint on the lips, to her surprise Mint didn't even made a single attempt to refuse. -"...awww, you didn't refuse Minto. That is so sweet! Why?"
"I'm too tired of you being always the winner. That you can do whatever you want to me and I not being able to protect myself." - Mint eyes were closed and were watering as she talked. - "Just like you said: 'If you hurt any of us, I'll tell everybody I know that you are a Mew, Mint.' Go ahead do what you want to do, I don't give a damn anymore. I know you don't love me cause I'm your slave, who loves a dirty slave? So go ahead I'll all yours, Sarah, get creative."
One of  Sarah's friends hugged Mint and kissed her, Mint didn't open her eyes or tried to refuse, then Sarah's other friend wanted to take her turn, but Sarah stopped her. Then Sarah took out a key and wanted to free Mint...
"STOP! Why are you letting her go?! We  were just starting to have fun!" - her friend said in a surprised mood.
"I love her and she's suffering because of us. I want to stop This pain for her."
"If you let her go we won't be friends anymore and I'm dead serious about that!"
"Yeah and we will be enemies of yours!" - her other friend said in a mad mood
"I care more bout her." - Sarah took the chains off  Mint who let her hands drop and kept her eyes closed.
"Screw you bi**h!" - her friends said and left her with Mint in the dark basement. There was a door slam and arguing fading away. the basement was dark due to the girls shutting the lights off. Sarah got back to Mint.
"Mint...are you alright..."
"F**k not! You and your stupid bi**h friends pissed me off!" - Mint yelled opening her eyes and looking very mad, then she lifted her bleeding wrists in front of Sarah's face. - "Look what you have done to me!"
“Mint I'm so sorry..." -Sarah couldn't finish that sentence, due to Mint slapping her so hard that she  fell on her back.
"If you wanted we could have been friends, nothing more!" -with that Mint flew to the window. (note: she was a Mew all along).                                          
"Wait, you forgot this!" -Sarah said running to her with Mint's weapon in her hand, Mint took quickly out of her hand. - "Please give me another cha..."
"NO WAY! Everybody has a chance with me! Don't blame me for screwing up your's! And go tell everyone I'm a Mew that way I'll know that you do love me." -with that Mint flew away from the window leaving Sarah standing alone in the darkness. Mint flew all the way home high in the sky so no one would see her. When she arrived home she changed back to her human version, but the blood on her wrists stayed there, she had to wash that off, before she could do anything else. She went and took a shower, because it was midnight she was worrying about being heard. Sadly she did.
"Mint? Is that you?" -  a voice came form outside of the bathroom while Mint was taking a shower.
"Uhhh...yeah, just taking a shower." - she answered.
"Are you alright?"
Mint looked at the blood being washed away, then said:
"Of course, just thought I'll take a cool down..."
"Cool down?"
"Well? Where have you been all this time? You have been away for three days. What happened?"
Mint's stomach turned upside down, she had to think of a lie quick. She came up with a simple explanation:
"I slept over at Ichigo's house."
"What? That can't be true she came over looking for you."
"However I had a girl come over to inform me that you went to hang out with them for a while. New friend of yours?"
"Uhhh...what's her name?"
"I think it's Sarah Ching."
Mint froze. Sarah came over here? She must of organized this very carefully, although she did pull her out of a lot of trouble and explanation. Mint seemed to be less angry with Sarah in her mind.
"Oh yeah, we met at school and...she wanted me to go hiking for them for a while and...she...well came over to tell you, because I didn't have time to."
"That's nice of her, is that why you came back so late?"
"Yeah. I hope it's alright."
"Of course, just make sure we get informed. Good Night."
"Good night, grandma."
Mint dropped on the bottom of the tub, she took a deep breath and relaxed, thanks to Sarah she was 'cleared'. Still Sarah highly mistreated her, for that she couldn't forgive her. She finished her shower and went to bed. This time happily.
She woke up on the fact that someone was stroking her hair and calling her name.
"Nooo! F**k off!" she yelled as she woke up. As she opened her eyes she realized that it was morning and her parents were sitting next to her bed looking surprised.
"Where did you learn that word?" -her father said
"You'll never be a lady like that." - her mother said
"Oh come on it's nothing, just a little swear, everyone knows it." - Mint wiped her eyes
"Ladies don't. Is there something you are hiding?"
"No. Of course not." - Mint said to correct her meaning of the swearing, and to satisfy her parents she added. "Well maybe the fact that I learned to swear."
"Anything else?"
"No. Really no."
"Alright, let's go down to have breakfast and get on with our work." - Mint's dad said and they did, there were no more talk about Mint's 'hiking' with Sarah cause each time it was brought up she said it was great and long, but she said it wasn't too interesting to talk about. After this incident Mint's life went back to normal and the cut's on her wrists healed quickly. She told the exact same lie to her friends, who believed her, except for Zakuro who didn't really trust her explanation, she too felt that Mint was hiding something. The days went by rather fast and before Mint knew it was the weekend. She was on her way to the shower, it was Saturday night, when she heard the doorbell ring. One maid opened the door and Mint heard a familiar girl voice, but she had a long day and was now too tired to care about that, all she wanted to do is take a shower and go to sleep.
She undressed and entered the shower, in about a minute she needed the shampoo, but there was no more in the shower so she reached out for another bottle.
"There you go." - a familiar voice said
'Than..." - Mint froze, who gave her the bottle, she believed that she was alone, then she pulled the curtain just so much so she could see who was there, ut not show more than her head to the person - "Sarah? What the f**k?" Mint closed the curtain, she hasn't felt more embarrassed in her life (so far, hehe).
"Hello, Mint." - Sarah said
"WhAT? What the f**k are you doing in here actually even over here? I thought I told you it's...
"...over. I know I just came to apologize about my stupidness."
"Great, I told you I won't forgive you. We went over this already, now get lost."
"Please Mint, I don't need you to accept my apology, just understand that I'm sorry, truly I am."
"Although you did pul me out of a lot of explanation and trouble when I arrived at home...but still, hat you did is unacceptable." - she finished taking a shower, put on a towel and exited the shower, she saw  Sarah get a little happier as this happened.
"I also came to say good-bye, I'm moving to Europe."
"Good." - Mint smiled and looked at Sarah then walked over to the sink to wash her face with cold water -"So, I guess we won't see each other again, eh?"
Sarah got very depressed, but didn't show it on the outside. She walked over to Mint, who just finished washing.
"Look in the mirror, what do you see?"
Mint raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror. The said:
"A stupid little girl who thinks she can save the world."
"I see a pretty girl who's just lost in herself."
"Mint, I'm so so...
"...sorry. I know now and accept it, but I don't think I can forgive you."
"Mint ..."
"Good-bye Mint." - with that Sarah walked out the door and left. Mint asked herself one more time 'How can I forgive you after this? Tell me how.' Then she put on her pyjamas and went to bed, a few seconds later she heard a scream, as she ran to her balcony and noticed another alien attack right in her yard. She changed to a Mew again and went to battle (alone).
Black haired girl in action
"Do you guy's ever f**k off?!" - she said as she aimed toward one of them.
"Ah look witch stupid b**ch showed up. I'll have your cage ready for you in a few days." - Kish said with a smile
"AHHHHH! Sometimes I could just...Sarah? You still here? AGHHH!"
"Sorry, it's not my fault!" - Sarah screamed over
"FINE! Take this you a**holes!" - Mint shot one of the aliens who got thrown back by it. Then another attack came toward  her by a creature size of a full grown lion (wait it was lion-like). She jumped out of the way, and landed next to Sarah to say:
"GO! Get out of here, you are just making my job harder! Run!"
"No, I want to fight with you! If you want me to 'go' the shoot me right here." - Sarah said pointing to her heart.
"ARGHH! You stupid...GET! MOVE IT! Alright stay, but don't blame me if you'll get you’re a** kicked." - She took off to fight. She managed to shoot the creature, but not terminate it, due to it's toughness. She shot it again, nothing, another shot, nothing again. - "What the f**k is that?"
"Your new friend." - Pai said laughing - "Cute isn't it?" - the creature jumped on top of Mint holding her down with her stomach pushed against the ground. It's finger nails dug into her back and made her bleed.
"AHHH! You son of a b**ch!" - Mint said with pain in her voice. Kish kicked her in the face, then said:
"You have too little power to say s**t like that."
Mint wiped the blood of her face, then, Sarah ran against the creature on Mints back and knocked it off, freeing Mint. She took out her weapon and shot Kish in the arm pit, but when she got to Pai she got knocked over by him. Mint jumped up and aimed, at what? He was gone, then she felt someone kicking her form the back then as she fell forward someone from the front. She fell backwards and she felt being hit in the head, then she fell on the ground, holding her chest and gasping for breath.
"Had enough or you want more?" - Kish said smiling.
"You...agghhh!" - Kish stepped hard on her shoulder - "I'll get you! A**hole! Just  wait!"
"I don't have any waiting time. But, I can put an end to your anger." - Kish took out his dagger and was about to stab Mint in the heart, but he got knocked over by Sarah (surprise, surprise) again. Giving Mint the time to get up, but her legs were giving up service, she however managed to sit up and get ready to shoot again. She aimed at Pai who was high in the air looking down at her.
"I'll give one last chance to f**k off!" - She screamed
"You can't scare me with that." - he replied
"You had your choices!" - she said and shot toward him. Suddenly her arrow disappeared into Pai's weapon - "What the...?"
"Oh you want your toy back? Here!" - Pai shot back five arrows toward Mint who tried to move,  but her legs wouldn't move. She got shot in three places, in the shoulder, lower back and upper left leg form the back. The other two arrows missed her, still she was really hurt, the arrows penetrated deep in her flesh and made her bleed badly, she got really weak.
"Well, looks like the birdie fell out her nest, eh? You are the one responsible for this mess!" - Pai yelled with both anger and satisfactory. Mint was laying on the grass holding one of her wounds looked up and saw Pai getting ready to give her an electric shock. He fired and hit Sarah who just lumped in front of Mint (again), he stopped.
"What the f**k? Get out of the way b**ch!" - Pai yelled at Sarah
"NO! I won't let you hurt her no more!" - Sarah yelled back, she had trouble even standing still due to the shock. Mint couldn't say a word, this was too much for her.
"GET LOST B**CH! F**K OFF, NOW!!" - He yelled back as loud as he could
"NO! I LOVE HER TOO MUCH FOR THAT!" - Sarah screamed, she had tears in her eyes.
"FINE!" -Pai shocked her again making her fall to the ground, but he didn't stop there, he wanted to terminate her. Mint however was able to turn on her left side and fire an arrow at him that penetrated his armpit deeply.
"AHHH! You stupid...too weak. I'll be back. WITH A BIGGER ARMY!" - Pai yelled and disappeared with the rest of the alines. There was only Mint and Sarah left in the yard.
"Sarah?" - Mint said in a quiet voice, her voice seemed to gone away.
"I'm fine, sort of." - she replied and sat up - "Are you OK?"
"Do I look OK to you?"
"No. Here let me help you." - Sarah tried to pull one of the arrows out of Mint's back.
"Ahhh! Stop it. It hurts."
"Sorry, but we have to take these out. Wait I have an idea." - Sarah took off her toke and wrapped around a stick - "Bit on this while I'm pulling it out. OK?"
"I hope it helps."
Mint nodded her head, she was already bitting hard on the toke in her mouth. Sarah pulled on the arrow which came out slowly and turned out to be ver painful for Mint.
"Alright two more to go. Ready? This might hurt more."
Mint nodded again, and Sarh pulled. This arrow seemed to be less painful for her and was easier to pull out. Sarah noticed that Mint's eyes were watering.
"What's wrong? Oh, never mind. Just one more to go, hold on. Ready."
"Yeah, I guess." - Mint replied still biting on the toke, her words weren't too clear and steady.
Sarah pulled on the last arrow, no movement, she tried harder, nothing. Mint screamed and dropped the thing in her mouth. Sarah got shocked and apologized.
"Sorry. I can't understand, it wouldn't move."
"F**K! That hurts!"
"Wait I have an idea." - Sarah grabbed her pursed and searched for something, she pulled out a tiny glass bottle with a colorless fluid inside it. She untwisted th cap. - "This might hurt a tittle bit. Apologies." - Sarah spilled the small content over the area the arrow had penetrated.
"AHHHHH! What the f**k?!" - Mint screamed then in a few seconds she realized that she didn't feel anything in the spot it was spilled. - "I...I can't feel anymore pain."
"Good. Now just relax your leg." - Sarah said the pulled as hard on the arrow as she could and slowly she pulled it out without Mint making a single noise. - "There, all done."
"Than...thanks. Why haven't you used that before?"
"I only have so much. Sorry."
"Sorry? No. I'm sorry, I've been an idiot to you and you saved my life. Thanks for that."
"Well, you at least know that I really care about you."
"Yeah well. I...I don't think you can walk home in that condition. I'll give a hand if...if you want it." - Mint said looking at Sarh who was clearly hurt by the electric shock and seemed like she wasn't able to walk.
"No, but thanks, I caused you enough trouble already. Good -bye, Mint." - she stood up and started walking toward the exit, but she collapsed halfway there.
"Sarah!" - Mint flew to her, since she couldn't walk, and helped her up. - "You do need my help and I'm fine with that. Take a hold of me." - Mint turned her back to Sarah.
"No. Really I'm fine, look all I need is a little rest..."
"Sarah, face it, they attacked you once they'll do it again. Just take a hold of me, I REALLY don't mind."
Sarah put one hand over Mint's right shoulder and the other under Mint's other arm and joined them with her hand. She felt really good about this.
"Don't worry Sarah, I'll catch you if you ever fall." - Mint kicked off the ground and flew high in the night sky. It was a smooth ride for both of them, Sarah especially enjoyed it.
"Hey, this is fun! What do you think?" - Sarah said
"Me? Uhhh. I don't know yet, you see, I can only fly if I'm a Mew and when I'm a Mew I’m in a battle. So I don't have any time to 'enjoy' it."
"Does anybody know you are a Mew, besides the other Mew's?"
"No one besides you and them. Did you..."
"No, Mint, I haven't told anybody, and I promise I won't. You know why, right?"
"Yeah, you love me so much."
Mint flew on without eighter one of them saying a word. It took Mint a good 5 minutes to get to Sarahs’ house.
"There, see? I told you it would be much faster." - Mint said as she put Sarah down when they arrived through the open window on the first floor of her house. There were packed boxes everywhere. - "So, you  are moving tomorrow?"
"Tonight. As soon as my parents get home."
Mint sat down on the floor next to Sarah, they were both looking outside. Sarah put a hand around Mint's shoulder.
"No. Please." - Mint said and took Sarah's hand off her shoulder.
"Did I go too far?"
"Yeah, look, it brought back the memories with you and me being locked up."
"Oh, sorry. I can't change that, I wish I could though."
"I know. I know."
"Well...thanks for the ride."
"Yeah. Sarah...uhh..." - Mint stopped she knew what Sarah wanted from her, but it was hard for her to do this or even say it. Something made her change her mind, that even she wasn't sure of.
"I'm not looking for excuses for leaving. Actually I'm not even sure that I want to leave this early...don't know why." -  Mint and Sarah faced each other.
"You aren't in love with me, are you?"
"No. But I know you are."
Sarah moved closer and tried to kiss her on the mouth, but Mint, without even refusing, reminded her of her feelings about them.
"You know that I don't want you to do that." - She slightly smiled.
"Oh, I forgot, I just thought you meant..." - Mint put a finger on Sarah's mouth, making her stop talking.
"However, I'll make an exception this time." - Mint was smiling now.
"Why? You aren't a lesbian? Right?"
"Maybe, just a tiny bit, if at all."
"You really don't mind? I hope I'm not the one who made you change your mind."
"No. Show me how much you love me."
Sarah kissed her. They kept doing it for a couple of seconds, then Sarah withdrawn. No one said a word for a while they couldn't even look at each other.
"Wow. I never thought we'll go this far." - Sarah said
"Yeah...but...I don't love you like that...just as a friend. Alright?"
"I'm fine with that...oh Mint!" - Sarah hugged her, Mint hesitated for a while then hugged back. - "I can't believe I won't see you ever again."
"It's alright."
"Just go." - Sarah said, the girls letting go of each other, she had tears in her eyes - "It gets harder every second we spend together."
Mint got up and walked to the window, then she stopped then she said:
"You aren't leaving this planet are you?"
"No, of course not." - Sarah said wiping her eyes looking up at Mint.
"Then why did you say 'we won't see each other ever again'?"
With that Mint smiled at her and flew out the window into the cold night. It took a little longer for Sarah realize what Mint really meant by that, but it really cheered her up when she did. Ok I know it's kind of a dirty story, but it's kind of cute. Make up you own mind on that. I wrote this story to let you know that these things are actually happening and that they’re perfectly normal. Don’t make fun of people like them, they’re human after all too. If you liked this story pass it on, BUT, DO NOT COPY OR CLAIM YOUR OWN, PLEASE!
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