February 3, 2006 

Ichigo Raintree

black haired cat girlAfter writing my exams I should have been the happiest person alive and happy to be alive, and I kind of was until this date. What spoiled the most of my weekend, including a tobogganing trip I really wanted to go to, was a dream. A dream about Mew Ichigo, a cartoon character from Tokyo Mew  Mew. I know she's just a cartoon character and, I wasn't obsessed with her whatsoever, didn't know much about her eighter, just didn't care.
blonde haired catgirlThe dream was sort of based on the novel/movie called "April Raintree" where Ichigo was playing April's part. If you read the book then you know what will happen. The dream started out in a place outside next to an irony looking building that was surrounded by a chicken wire fence. Grass only was growing next to the building, somehow, and all around me were real catgirls! Don’t ask me how I got inside. Quite a few, almost like a minimum security municipal prison, except nothing like it and worse.                         
They saw that I was there and didn't seem to mind, nor did they care. I've looked over to my left side, and (surprise, surprise) find Ichigo sitting in the grass looking at the empty ground, she looked rather sad than . I greet anything else, she looks up at me her mood turns normal.
red haired catgirl
Then I start walking around (inside) the fenced area, looking over the others. They weren't too happy about their stay either, some were begging for food and some tried to get some sleep. I noticed a catgirl (the blond catgirl on the second picture, up) begging for food at the fence, she was on her knees. Then a guy about age of twenty came to her (Everyone was outside the fence except for me and the catchiks) then held her chin making her look at him in the face, he said something I couldn't hear or understand. I thought he’ll be smarter than he looks, but instead he slapped her. I got pissed off and took a rock from the ground and threw it at him, the rock hit him in the back of the head, then he passed out. The I heard another quieter scream and when I looked over I saw a guy slapping another catgirl. I took another rock and threw it at him, making him pass out too. I was starting to enjoy this. Why did I do this, because catgirls are better than ordinary girls, I always wished we could have some real ones, why not? After that I went back to Ichigo.
"Why are people like this to you? You catgirls are the cutest human beings alive! Why can't anybody see that?"
But Ichigo was just sitting there looking at me not saying a word, I know she was listening, but didn't know what was going on inside her head.
"Say something Ichigo! Don't just sit there, I know you can hear me." - I said to her, she just kept on looking at me not saying a word. Then a couple of men entered on the side door and took Ichigo by the upper arm then took her out the door. She however didn't try to refuse nor run away.
Mew Ichigo
"Hey what the..." - I said picking up a rock.
"It's OK." - Ichigo answered
Then everything went white and I woke up, thinking "well that was pointless, but I wish most of it would come true".  It was about 2:30 AM, so I went back to sleep.
The second part of my dream started on a big empty street with few houses that were made of Iron. Damn it is that the cheapest material around? They were just sheets of Iron that were held together by pins, the way they assembled the ships around the 1930's and before. The sky was dark all along very dark even during the daytime. I was on my stomach, then I looked over to my other side and saw a van approaching, in fear that it might run me over I rolled to my other side. I barely missed me.
"Idiot!" - I yelled.
The van stopped in from of an Iron house, and the men who took Ichigo away in my first dream got out of the van carrying Ichigo to the house. I ran  toward them and entered the house when they opened the door. I just didn't understand why they didn't notice me, why nobody did. They pushed Ichigo inside, who fell on her knees. Then a house lady came out and helped Ichigo up.
"Come on dear. I'll show you to your room." -the house lady said
Now there are some nice people around, I thought. Ichigo's room was a small cubic like place with three beds, of course the place was made of Iron. What surprised me was that there were two kids younger than Ichigo in the room.
"Ichigo!" - both of the kids said at the same time.
Soon as Ichigo entered they ran to her and hugged her and she hugged back.  They were sister-brother. That night Ichigo helped with the housework and didn't that feel bad. She mopped and wiped dishes and so on. The place had several small windows and through one you could see the sunset, a never ending sunset. I saw Ichigo stop wiping a plate and stare out the window thinking. When she went to sleep in a bed and her brother and sister slept in a double one. I was sitting in a chair next to them knowing that she nor anybody can hear nor see me, I was ghost-like. As I sat there, I began to realize that something was wrong, really wrong, this thought was getting stronger. In the morning Ichigo woke up and wanted to wake her brother and sister, but her brother wouldn't wake up, when she slowly lifted the blanket she got shocked, her only brother was dead! She and her sister started sobbing. I felt so freaking bad! So I had an idea. I somehow  reversed time to the point the three of the went to bed and this time I wasn't ghost-like.
Mew Ichigo
"Ichigo! Ichigo wake up!" - I spoke to her as I gently shook her in her bed
"What is it?" - she said rubbing her eyes
"Wake your brother up!"
"He's accidentally getting drowned by your sister, who doesn't know! Get your sister off from him!"
She jumped out of bed and slowly and gently lifted her sister off. Then she noticed her brother wasn't breathing.
"Slap him!" - I yelled knowing that would start his breathing
Ichigo slapped him slowly and gently, then her brother gasped, and when he realized what had happened he hugged Ichigo. They were alright. The Ichigo turned to me I could tell that she wanted to say thank you, but before she could, I said:
"You see, this is what really would happened if I could woke you up."
Then everything went back to the part where Ichigo discovered her dead brother.
Mew Ichigo
She was in such a pain, it  hurt just to see her like that. After this incident she and her sister got moved to another foster home. This one just terrible. No one knew what she went through in her life so far. When she entered the doorway, well she was pushed and fell on the ground again, a lady about age of 40 or 35 came to her and ordered her to get up. Then as they got up, the lady slapped Ichigo hard across the face for NO reason. This pissed me off big time.
"YOU STUPID BITCH!" - I yelled and ran towards her trying to knock her off from her feet, football style, but I ran through her, since I was ghost-like and landed head first in a garbage can, which took quite a while to take off. That's wen I realized that I can touch objects, but not people, with that in mind I took the can and threw it as hard as I could at the rich lady. The can almost knocked her over and made her bleed a little, luckily there was no one to blame, although the lady suspicious of Ichigo for her cat-appeal. She was treated like dirt while she was at this house, she got teased at for being a catgirl, despite her actual beauty.  One of the favorite things they liked to do to Ichigo was pulling her cat ears or tail, I don't know how she did it but she didn't cry. She had to do all the housework like mopping mostly. The only relative left was her sister.
Once her sister broke a plate accidentally, the rich lady wanted to give her 10 straps with a belt, Ichigo noticed this and ran to her sister, she kneeled in front of the lady.
"Please don't hurt her, she meant no harm."- you should have been there to see her begging! She was so damn cute, she had her legs underneath her, she sat on them with slightly bending forward, eyes closed, facing the lady. How on earth would anybody have the heart to hurt a poor soul like her.
"She broke a plate!"- the lady said - " She must get punished! Or will you take the strapping?"
"She would of gotten 10, you'll get 20."
The lady strapped Ichigo in the position she was in, arms, head and shoulders were hit the most. I stood there and thought I'll explode in anger. There was no objects I could throw. When the strapping was done she didn't cry. You probably asked why didn't she fought back, simple, if she fights back she will get separated from her sister. "Go and finish your work and send your sister in your room." - the lady said and put the belt away. The other children laughed at Ichigo. This is where out of nowhere I took and 9mm pistol and shot three shots at the kids, but didn't hit any of them, just hit the table and a cup. Again there was no one to blame for the shots.
Ichigo's sister sneaked out of her room when  nobody was in the kitchen. Ichigo was wiping a plate.
"Ichigo? Are you OK. I didn't mean to hurt you. Swear." - her sister said Ichigo looked over slightly smiling and calm.
"Ahhh, you didn't. Come here." - her sister ran to her and Ichigo kneeled to hug her.
"You are not mad at me?" - her sister said surprisingly
"Of course not, you are my sister. I'm never mad at you."
"What's this!? Family meeting?!" - the rich lady suddenly said who just came into the kitchen "You into your room! And you kitty get back to work!"
"GET F***ED LADY!!!" - I yelled at her although no one could hear me.
Ichigo got back to work, sad, god I wish  could help her, poor girl had been through a toucher time than I have. When Ichigo went back to her room at night she found her sister dead, although this family had nothing to do with it I was so pissed, I swore that I will destroy all them. But first I’ll need to reload.
"You are dead meat, you hear me? DEAD MEAT!" - I yelled at them even when they didn't hear me.
After this day she rejoined the Mews' who were waiting outside of a pretty deserted and not taken care of place.
"Welcome back your Majesty. We heard what happened, we're sorry." - I heard Zakuro say to Ichigo, my
Mew Ichigomouth flew wide open. "Majesty"? She is a princess? What the heck? (Note, NONE of this is sarcasm.)
Then again I became a human owning my own customizing shop just a mile away. I always dreamed of owning my own business. Me and my pals (three altogether) were laying under a 2004 red Honda Accord trying to find out a way to fix the bent frame.
"How the heck do you end a frame like this? It even has a stainless steel roll cage." -  Steve my partner said
"Stunts probably or heavy drifting, smarta**, he watched Fast and the Furious too much. Think he's cool with a red coupe or he thinks he’s one of them." - I said - "George hold that freaking' mirror right! I can't see a damn thing! Wise guy."
George was holding a mirror to focus the Sun's rays' through the engine compartment of the car so we could see right. I rolled out of under the car to see what the problem was. My business building had an unusual glass roof. That's when we saw a huge black space ship passing just meters over the building. It had a whole lot of guns mounted on the bottom. We ran around the shop collecting all types guns we can find, this included a Dylan minigun, Desert Eagles (Magnum), rifles, M9 and Tech9 machine guns and a 9mm hand pistol. Then we jumped in a 2005 torch red Ford Mustang GT coupe. Me being the driver and the one with the 9mm (why do I always get the smallest gun?!), we started driving around town shooting at the ship.  The Mews did the same, attacking the ship from he outside, they were capable of doing more damage on the thing than us alone.
Left to Right: Zakuro, Ichigo, Pudding
I didn't dream any more about the fight. The fight however ended when the ship was damaged enough to be unable to attack then it just stood in mid air. The Mews stood there facing the ship for a while then turned around and started walking away.
"Mew Ichigo!" - a voice came from the ship. Ichigo spun around in a surprise, then a foot long yellow stick like shot was fired at her. The shot had hit her in the chest, right in the heart. She screamed with pain as she had been thrown back several meters.
"Ichigo!" - all the other Mew's yelled.
Mew Zakuro pulled her to safety which was just behind some garbage containers. Zakuro was holding her upright when they got there. She looked at the wound and realized that Ichigo won't make it.
"Zakuro, before I go, can you make it up for the other Mews?" - Ichigo said forcing every word out, she handed her Strawberry Bell over to Zakuro.
"I will, I will of course Ichigo." - Zakuro said to her, she was very close to crying, then she took the Strawberry Bell.
Here's were Ichigo passed away, Zakuro put her head on Ichigo's chest and started crying, while still holding
Left to Right: Mint, Ichigo, Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro
Ichigo in her arms. Then she took Ichigo's Bell and combined it with her own Whip. Without touching either one she lifted them both side-by-side with her hands being just 5 cm from the weapons and the weapons being 10 cm apart (Zakuro's hands were on the end and the Whip and Bell floating in the air between her hands) both of the weapons the glowed in their official color (Bell was pink and Whip was purple) then the two weapons moved toward each other melting together. The result looked just like Zakuro's whip except that now it was lighter purple and a heart was marked in the middle.
" I will destroy you." -  Zakuro said looking up a the ship
Mew Ichigo
Then again the fight part was skipped all (I didn't dream about it, God***n It!). This is when the Mew's came in lying the ground, none of them had the strength to get up. The good news were however that they won against the ship.
"We did it Mew Ichigo." -  Zakuro said facing the sky, while she too was lying down.
This is when my pals and me arrived to the scene with the red Mustang having a lot of holes shot into it. We were out of ammo. I almost hit the Mew's who were lying on the ground. We jumped out of the car to check on the girls.
Mew Zakuro
"Where's Ichigo?" -  I asked Zakuro. She pointed toward Ichigo who was laying on her back, she was dead. To make the situation worse, we realized that the other Mew's were dying too. And we couldn't help them.
As I turned back to my car I saw Ichigo smiling, she wasn't smiling before. This is when something told me in the very back of my mind that everything was and will be OK. (It was about damn time now.) (I know the blood could look no more fake than it is.)

CW from top: Zakuro, Lettuce, Pudding, MintInjured Ichigo

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