My Comments
"Bricks are flying objects, ..."


Brainstorming byproducts:

-"I always said if there is a way to go it would have something
to do with squirrels, Ferrari's and toilet pumps. I still haven't
figured out how the three things come together, but I guess
it's a start."
-"There was embarrassment in the fridge."
-"Taking Physics with Mr. Wenaas is like taking Chemistry with
Ms. York. Except in Physics you don't have to hook yourself
up to a 12V car battery to stay awake all class..."
-"Which is the loudest colour of all?...........................(Yellow)
(Break it down: Yell-(yell!!!) - ow(OWWW!!!)
-"."-"Hey, I'm an awesome car thief! Look, I stole my own ride five times and still haven't got caught!"
-"Cats are like dogs...they bark a lot."
-"Bricks are flying objects, that can cause one serious harm if
they won't shut up!"

Heard in the media:

"What? No! I'm on the toilet! Yeah now I'm finished! What? Yeah, you're crackin' up!..." - Trigger Happy TV, Giant Cell Phone man

-"Beware of people."-NekoMaicci, Anime Frankenstein

From real life experiences:

-"Well that sums it up for me." - an inadvert pun stated to my tutor after getting help on 'Series Sums' for the Differential Equations class.

-"I have priorities you know." - inadvert pun by a friend of mine said to me while he was doing compound naming questions for the final exam, which relies heavily on locating priority groups and branches in the atom structure.

-"Once I had a speed reading accident, I hit a bookmark."- James Cole stated while attending a political rally at the Univerity I attend, he said this while talking about his University days.

Brain teasers:

-"How does one type a capital case 1?"


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