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My ArtWork

The two things I draw about the most are nekomimi (catgirls) and cars. Usually I start
with a sketch and see where I end up, quite fun, as you go along, cause I never run out
of ideas... I have so many that I actually have to write them down when they appeared, bring
them to life later. (hehe) Here, see what you like.

AND if you think it's good enough to be put on a shirt and if you want one I'll put it on a shirt for you
and mail it to you. Remember
there's more to come, on top if you want me to combine pictures I'll do so and send you the completed image before putting it on the shirt, hoody.


GMC Sierra Denali
Carerra and her car
2003 GMC Sierra Denali and the factory stock rims offered with it.
Siam from "Free Collars Kingdom." I also have a similar character in one of my stories.
Carerra, the engineer and her custom designed sports car, powered by a 6 stroke V8.
Queen (Mew) Ichigo from "Tokyo Mew Mew."
Princess Nyayo, a.k.a. "the Devil's Daughter"
Ferrari and Porsche
Ichigo combat
Cendara full
Cendara, the main character in my story of "9 life soldier." Mother of 5.
Clockwise from top: 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo, 2004 Porsche 911 Carerra, 2006 Porsche 996 Turbo.

Left: 2004 Ferrari F430 Challenger. Right: 2004 Porsche 911 GT2 (my dream car)

Queen (Mew) Ichigo's combat clothing.
Cendara in full size, this artwork is 1.5m tall.
Queen Ichigo and Princess Nyayo
Carerra, the engineer with different expressions.
2003 GMC Sierra Denali and the factory stock rims offered with it.
My "City" hand-made necklace. Used: Brass, bronze, silver.
Bequanta, one of the most wanted people.
Ichigo and Nyayo fighting over territory. They are from 2 different Galaxies. Ichigo from our's, the Galaxy's symbol on right.
The "Duke"
Just a guitar player Nekomimi I drew, she's a character in my story: "Street Riders."

Regurena, Queen Ichigo's advisor.And the only female immortal being.

Cyrgo and his 175 ton (empty, 210 ton loaded) walker. Look at the stats on the image. It requires 300 000$ worth of fuel per hour.
Kline, one of the deadliest assassins alive. A Character in "Free Collars Kingdom" by Takuya Fujima.
1989 Lamborghini Coutach cartooned.
Mind reading
Marquena, Princess Nyayo's personal bodyguard. She chose Nyayo's friendship as payment.
My "City" necklace. The city in the background is a shadow of Calgary, AB, Canada.
Carerra in different positions.
Queen Ichigo. She isn't crying, but reading one's mind.
Carerra, this is the finished artwork.
Nyayo's guns
Ichigo, mind reader.

Nika, one of the 2 main character's in my story: "Wolfgirls." A comedy yuri love story.

Princess Nyayo talks about, her guns, she's a weaponry and artillery engineer.
This is the colored version of the mind reading sketch.
Just a random picture I drew way back.
Just a Kemomimi, I drew years back.

Updated: May 12, 2009

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