"Bricks are flying objects, ..."

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It is a honor to meet you traveler!
My name is Jan, I also have a YouTube channel under the username "immigranter".
There is a big chance that our interests might meet, the only way to know that is to sniff around this site. I show a great deal of interest from od steam tractors to Japanese anime. The final frontier is mechanical egnineering for me. The specific are of interest are the designing, test and build of cars, motor and pedal bikes and self sustainiability.
Currently I'm in University studying Mechanical/Mechatronical engineering. It aint easy but it is the last battle i will have to wage behind a study desk. It is essential tht you have a passion for the work and job you do, otherwise it is just a pain and merely counts as an experiance rather than truly living and striving to be as much as one can be.

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