About Me
"Bricks are flying objects, ..."


I'm a multitasker, to save time I can do two things at once,
on top of that I have no idea where that skill came from, but
it comes in handy all the time. As far as my views, I am
very optimistic about a lot of stuff, just about everything,
however that mood can change really quickly for a short
period of time and back again. How about that, eh?
My three biggest interests are japanese anime, cars and
techno. Well, I like to keep it real, express myself. Come on,
you live once, so do the same.
My ideas are over the top crazy stuff, they even scare my
parents, and sometimes me too. I mean here is one, if I will
ever get married here is what I will expect:
a girl who is both physically and mentally strong, a bodybuilder;
she has to have an engineering degree; love cars; and just
look as natural as far as hair color (so bright blonde, it is white)
and fuzzy style, long too.
So there you have it, what am I? A geek or a freak, you tell me

Updated: March 25, 2010
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